Saturday, September 7, 2013


Good thing we had him checked.  Sisfundiso needs a root canal and five appointments.
We are helping the missionaries teach the Nygoneela Family,  relatives of Sisfundiso.  Bahle, the father is a councilmen over Motherwell, Uitenhage, Kwanbuchle Townships in the Eastern Cape.

On Thursday morning we went to Walmer Woods Driving Range; our first golfing activity since October 21, 2011 when Matt took us golfing on Bethel Island for my birthday.

A senior couple left a set of golf club and the Port Elizabeth Golf Club donated a left hand driver to Elder Stokoe.  Nicole Fourie works there and will soon become one of P.E.'s best young professional golfers. We each enjoyed hitting a bucket of balls.  Neither of us are very good but we liked being out on the range on a beautiful warm spring day.

Elder Htsope and Elder Wilde with Sisfundiso at Correlation Meeting
 Correlation meeting was at 4:00 p.m. Thursday.  We reviewed  information about the newly baptised  and reminded Elder Hlophe about his dental appointment Friday at 3:30 p.m. at the Walmer Mall.

I asked the missionaries to bring Sisfundiso along so I could buy him a suit. He is the only member of his family and we won't be around when he leaves for his mission.

Sisfundiso ask us to join them for a visit to his step-father's brother at  5:00 p.m. Traveling around the townships is always an interesting experience.  These cows reminded me of my youth on the farm.

Herder driving cows along the main road in Motherwell
We bought Sisfundso a suit for his mission
Saturday Sister Khwezi and her husband Luwando Gombha were baptised on Saturday.  What a blessing to have another active family in the Branch.  They and the Mdlele family are the only others.  Everyone else is either unmarried or part member families.
Members of the branch who came to support the baptism

Two members of my Sunday School Class gave talks
The baptism was well attended.  President Naku gave the concluding talk.  He welcomed the Gombha family into the church on behalf of P.E. Stake.  President Naku asked if we would like to extend our mission.  I told him that we are going on a tour of the Holy Land and must leave on October 15th.

The men went to the Zitsu home for an afternoon Braai while the women went to the church for their social.  We were invited but have an appointment at 6:00 this evening to meet with the Nygoneeles so could not attend.

Tomorrow is Branch conference.  It will be interesting to
see what happens.  Brother Zitsu will be called as branch
president but what about councelors?  There are only two elders in Motherwell branch, Brother Mdlele & Sisfundison.
Will a 19 year old be called?  We will find out tomorrow.

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