Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daniell Cheetah Breeding Camp

One Cheetah is spending the afternoon sleeping 
Since we will host this activity for the seniors in 2 weeks and our elders were planning to go for P-Day, we went to the Cheetah Breeding Camp near Uitenhage yesterday.

We enjoyed shopping for Christmas in the gift shop and visiting the cheetahs, lions and other cats.  Since there is an over population of lions here in South Africa many are sold off for "game shoots."  Inexperienced hunters like lions that are raised in captivity.  They are use to people and are very easy to kill.

Eight month old male and female lions.

This cheetah was very friendly provided know one approaches her from the rear.  (She might think you are stalking her.) Cheetah's are the fastest land animals.  They can jump very high.  However they do not have claws like a cat so they cannot climb.

                                                                         The animals are fed one dead chicken every other day.  This cheetah is getting too fat so her rations have been cut in half since animals in captivity do not get enough exercise.                                                                                                      

When an American woman learned that these two lions would go to safari hunters who are   inexperienced, she bought them and donated them to to the Cheetah Breeding Camp.

The male has a black ruff which is highly prized in Africa.

She also donated the money for their enclosure.  These animals are very interested in the sheep in the next pen who have been brought in for their vaccinations.
Our elders arrived as we were leaving
A couple from the Netherlands who sponsors lions

P.E. Elders Carlson, Dale, Cossey; Lorraine Elders Van Zyl, Ramoshaba & Lawson;
Cleary Estate Elders George, Burton; Muange & Arthur

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