Monday, September 23, 2013

Passing the Torch

From: Mark Sherbert
Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2013 7:17 PM
To: Elder Stokoe
Subject: Planning for Success Workshop

Would you please send me the names and telephone numbers of your Planning for Success Workshop instructors at Kwanobuhle First and Second Wards?
Elder Sherbert

Elder Sherbert & Elder Blatter:
I share this information with you being we are leaving, and Cape Town is currently unaware as to when a replacement couple will arrive, and in answer to your questions concerning Kwano 1 &2.  
As of last weekend there was no Planning for Success Workshop teacher in Kwano.  It used to be Brother Ncwana of the Kwano 1st ward (phone 074-310-2694) who said he has been released.  The Kwanobuchle  1st bishop called me a week ago.  We conversed and I indicated he would need to call a new teacher and that such a teacher would teach the Planning for Success Workshop for a combined 1st and 2nd Kwanobuchle ward.  He said he would look into it. I asked when was the best time I could meet with him. He indicated it was hard as he worked a busy 12 to 12 shift and at the moment couldn’t give me a specific time and was busy on Sunday.  I have not heard from him since.
I talked to brother Ncwana yesterday, Saturday Sept. 21, who again reiterated he has been released. He has the teacher’s manual for Planning for Success and may have some copies of the student manual.   Since his release he has been called to work with the YM & YW.
BACKGROUND:  Since our arrival in South Africa there has only been one teacher covering both Kwano 1st and Kwano 2ndwards and that teacher has always been a member of the Kwano 1st ward. The first teacher was brother Luthando Stokwe of the 1st ward (phone 084-308-5784) and he taught for about a year.  We filled in teaching when he was not available and also taught makeup classes for any who missed one of the four required classes.  Unless they take all four classes they cannot graduate with a certificate and receive a PEF loan. 
When Brother Stokwe was released, brother Ncwana of Kwano 1st ward was called (phone 074-310-2694).  He was also the 1st counselor in the bishopric to bishop Unathi Mahaluba.  He and brother Stokwe had both been called as the Stake Director of the PEF program and as the teacher of the Planning for Success Workshop taught the combined Kwano 1&2 PEF interested persons.  The  PEF Stake Director calling  would have come from the stake presidency.  The calling as teacher of the Planning for Success Workshop would have been extended by bishop Mahaluba of the 1st ward.  When we arrived I talked to both bishop Mahaluba of Kwano 1 and bishop Kwanele Grootboom of Kawno 2 (both since released and now live in Johannesburg).  The two bishops collaborated and the result was brother Stokwe of Kwano 1st ward would teach the Planning for Success Workshop covering both wards.  As such, there was no need to call a Planning for Success Workshop teacher from the Kwano 2nd ward.  Both wards shared the same building so kill two birds with one stone. It was under this umbrella that we operated.  Whenever a Planning for Success Workshop was to be held it was announced in both wards. 
President Wademan, 1st counselor to President Palmer in the stake presidency, was the overall PEF administrator for the stake.  Anyone interested in a PEF loan first met with the bishop in a worthiness interview (criteria the same as a temple interview).  If worthy, the bishop signed the worthiness document.  The PEF applicant then had an interview with the Stake President (in this case President Wademan) and he added his signature.  These signatures, in conjunction with the completion of all 4 classes in the Planning for Success Workshop, enabled a person to go ahead and fill out a PEF Loan Application on line at, click on submit, and send it off to the PEF Committee in Johannesburg and then the Area. If accepted, the PEF Committee sent me, as PEF Coordinator, documents that I took to the applicant, had him sign, and then I electronically submitted all the loan documents (7 in a first time loan, 5 for renewal) to the PEF Committee, which then went to the Area, and then to Salt Lake who made the tuition payment directly to the applicant’s school.   That’s it in a nut shell.
The action needed now is for the Kwano 1st  bishop to call a Planning for Success Workshop teacher to cover both wards (assuming we are still working under the same umbrella which they probably don’t know as they are new bishops). Then in sacrament meeting an announcement needs to be made at the pulpits of Kwano 1 and Kwano 2  for “all those interested in a PEF loan for education classes meet with the Planning for Success teacher (Brother or Sister so and So) at the back of the chapel at the end of sacrament meeting.”  (It used to be meet with Elder & Sister Stokoe.  Then we and the teacher would sign them up. But now we are leaving). The teacher signs them up for the Planning for Success Workshop taking their name, age, telephone, and e-mail address and then the students and teacher decide on the best day and time to hold the Workshop classes.  The teacher then calls everyone and notifies them of the day and time for classes.
We attended all 4 classes.  I took the first 40 minutes of lesson 1 to explain the whole PEF program, gave them my PEF information handouts, issued them a PEF Workshop student workbook, and then turned the rest of the time to the teacher for lesson #1.  Lesson 1&4 are one and a half hours long  2 & 3 are one hour long.  Those who completed all 4 lessons received a Certificate of Completion which was officially presented to them at the pulpit by the bishop.  We took photos of the graduating class holding their certificates and gave each graduate a copy.  That’s the Kwano story and current status.
CLEARY BRANCH:  The Planning for Success teacher at Cleary is Brother Joshua Mosiah (phone 073-670-0129) and he is excellent.  We just finished a Planning for Success Workshop there 4 weeks ago, graduation day 25 August.
UITENHAGE WARD:  The Planning for Success teacher is Brian Kafwanka (phone 078-638-5935)   He filled in for Sister Mendu  (phone 072-850-8954) when she had her baby.  I taught a workshop in April.  He followed with another one.  Both are excellent teachers.   
KWAMAGXAKI WARD:  The Planning for Success teacher is Brother Luvuyo Ntshebe, (phone 071-688-8954), was 1st counselor to Bishop Nqisha.  We just finished a Workshop the beginning of September.  He is an excellent teacher.
LORRAINE WARD – there are literally no PEF candidates as the ward is so small.  In 18 months only one indicated an interest in a PEF loan but her program was a 4 year one and PEF only accepts those that can be completed within two and a half years.  There is no Planning for Success teacher currently in this ward as there is no demand for a teacher.  Sister Karen Van Thiel (phone 083-384-6690) was in charge of Planning for Success Workshops as indicated by Bishop Spear.
Latando is the only PEF student we've taught
from Port Elizabeth Ward.  He needs just
two sessions as PEF is a backup plan for him.
PORT ELIZABETH WARD – There were loan renewals which we processed.  Brother James Chimuti  (phone 078-232-5371 ) was the Planning for Success Workshop teacher and in 18 months did not have to teach a single Workshop as there were no new PEF loan requests.  Loan renewals did not need the Planning for Success Workshop as the students had it already. Brother James Chimuti has since been released and a replacement has yet to be called.  With the migration of young adults to the new single adult ward on the university campus there is virtually no need for one.
Currently the Stake PEF Director is brother Jerome Laminie (phone 072-995-7930) on the high council.  He replaced brother Ncwana.  With changes forthcoming, and PEF and Employment uniting under “The Self Reliance Program”,  there could be modification to the existing PEF structure.  The current counsel we received from Salt Lake and the Area is “carry on as is until implementation of changes occur.”
That’s the overview as the countdown continues and Motherwell dominates our daily activities.
Elder Stokoe

Dear Elder Stokoe,

That was very helpful, especially with you leaving there is now a great history of the program during your tenure.  Thanks


To Elders Stokoe & Blatter,

While we are thinking about it, in anticipation of the Stokoe's departure, Sister Sherbert and I would be happy to take over the 'Post' duties, for the remainder of our time here.  We can begin when ever the Stokoe's decide and pick up the post and make the initial distributions - if that is agreeable to all.


Elder Sherbert

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