Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Service Project

We went to a tea for Volunteers at the Care Center last week where Margaret Davidson read a poem she had composed.  On Tuesday the missionaries planted the garden.  Yesterday Elders Cossey and Van Brugan returned and did more work.  Then came here for lunch.  We are presenting a program there next week.  It's spring here now and the elders like working in the Lorraine Frail Care Center garden rather than volunteering for some indoor projects.

The entire P.E. Zone voted to continue with this project which we did last year even thought none of us will be here to help harvest vegetables.  Transfers on on September 18th.  Half our elders will likely go to other zones.  Elder Stokoe bought six shovels and two rakes.  The center has only one lone shove and it is always locked up.  Our missionaries are digging up another section to take the garden almost to the fence line.  I have not figured out why the white Afrikaaners love going bare foot while the black natives prefer very nice shoes.
This area will make the garden 1/3rd larger than last year.

Elder Van Brugen works in his bare feet.

Elder Ramshaba works in his new coat and nice shoes.

This resident always comes by to try and  bum a cigarette.

Lunch at KFC after the hard work

V   is for VOLUNTEERS!
Always giving to others
You meet such a need

V   is for VOLUNTEERS!
We VALUE what you do
Bringing joy to those
who seek a friend or two

V   is for VOLUNTEERS!
Your VISITS mean a lot
Comforting those dear souls
lest they be forgot

V   is for VOLUNTEERS!
A VARIETY of skills you share
with our many residents
who know you really care

V   is for VOLUNTEERS!
You are VIBRANT and so kind
We thank you VERY much
You’re such a VALUABLE find!

It's spring now but still cold and rather windy.  Lucky it rained last night which will get things growing.

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