Saturday, September 14, 2013

District Meeting & Flat Inspection

We attended the last District Meeting with our Port Elizabeth elders before transfers.  The closing song was "God Be With You Till we Meet Again."  They really enjoyed working together here in Port Elizabeth.
Elders Ramoshaba, Von Brugham, Van Zyl, Cossey, Carlson, Lawson, Dale

We collected the mail at Air Transit on the way back from Motherwell.  The mission office mail is flown in from Cape Town weekly.  Elder Stokoe usually collects, sorts and distributes it. Then Elder Sherbert and Elder Blatters take it to the outlying zones.

Von Brughan, Dale, Lawson & Ramoshaba
Getting post is a big deal and when it comes late they always call to find out if "the post has arrived?"  The mission office also sends out supplies, pamphlets and Books of Mormon alone with the elder's letters and their packages from home.

We senior couples share a post office box in Sunridge Park.  and seldom get our post from Cape Town.  However today we got an wedding announcement from Colton Lee Balmforth who married Amanda Gardner in in the Draper Temple on September 5th.

We began inspecting flats at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. The Lorraine missionaries always do a super job.  Elder Von Brugon helped squeeze the mattresses into our trunk so they could be transported to Motherwell.

However the Cleary elders did not remember that flat inspection was today.  King Edward was a mess with dishes in the sink and no proper cleaning.  Elder Stokoe was very annoyed and rescheduled those two for Tuesday morning.

Molding around the ceiling is finally installed!
The news at Prospect was both good and bad.  The owner has repaired the roof, finished the molding and repainted.  It took four days and two elders had to cancel their appointment to  guarded their stuff.  These repairs should have been made before they moved in a year ago.  Elder Cossey reports that rain still comes in.

Worst still is that compound was robbed at 3:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.  Four men jumped the fence, smashed a window and stole one flat screen TV and a lap top.  They also stole the elder's bikes.  One was damaged when thrown over the fence and they left it behind.  The other was carried off.

Four robbers ran up these steps.

Shopping for supplies at Mackro 

Back at Bluewater Bay Sat. p.m. to inspect & give Elder Wilde his post.
New developments:  When President Zitsu learned Motherwell is getting two new elders he suggested that we explore the possibility of renting a townhouse in a gated community nearby.  As we are hosting a senior activity to the Volkswagon plant and the Cheetah breeding farm we will have no time to check this out on Monday.  We suggested that President Zitsu and Elder Wilde check on it out and contact Brother France if they discover this is better suited for our Motherwll elders.

Sister Stokoe,  The opening of an additional area in Motherwell is contingent this transfer on 4 elders coming here on temporary assignment who are designated for Kenya where there are visa issues.  I won’t know until Tuesday whether this is going to happen.  President Wood

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