Monday, September 16, 2013

P Day - September 16th

Greetings fellow couples,
The following is the P Day Schedule for 9/16/2013:

1.   9:00 - 10:00 - Daniell Cheetah Breeding Camp & African Arts & Crafts Shop - take R75 highway. The Cheetah Camp is 40km beyond Uitenhage.  On our return we will take exit 336 which will lead us into Uitenhage and the restaurant.            

2.  10:30 - 11:30  Buffet Breakfast at Georgiou, 7 Thorn Street in Uitenhage. It's on the same road we come in on upon exiting at 336.  

3.  12:00 - 2:00 p.m.  Tour the Volkswagon Plant.  Instructions given:  (1) No sandals.  (2) No photos allowed in plant.  (3) Photos allowed in the museum and outside the plant. (3) Guide will be furnished. (4) A brand new VW will be given to each missionary couple in  gratitude for service rendered in South Africa. (Just kidding.  Had to wake you up a bit and brighten your day)          

Thank you those of you who have indicated you are going on tour through the VW plant.  The booking has been made and the tour is free.   We will all meet at Daniell Cheetah Breeding Camp at 9 a.m  The drive from Port Elizabeth to Cheetah Camp takes one hour.  The drive from Cheetah Camp to Georgiou restaurant is 30 minutes.  After embellishing our physical fuel tanks, we will proceed down the road to the VW factory located at        
103 Algoa Road and welcome all the strikers back to work.  We go to the auto pavilion parking lot and come around the building to Reception.  We report to Nombasa, receptionist and our tour coordinator.   Have a good day.  Looking forward to seeing you all.                Elder Stokoe

We arrive early and wait for two other couples

Elder Chase, Gardner and Sherbert

Sister Stumm getting her hands sanitised

Three leapords
Elder & Sis Boyce, Elder & Sis Stumm, Elder & Sister Gardner, Elder & Sis Sherbert, Elder & Sis Blatter
Elder & Sis Chase, Elder & Sis Stokoe

Getting his feet sanitizer

Sisters Blatter & Gardner in the gift shop

Elder Stokoe petting a cheetah

One of the tame cheetahs

E-Mail from Angie Blatter - Thank you for planning our outing today.  Very enjoyable and nice to all get together (and we all came home with all our fingers).

What a wonderful time we had today.  Thank you Elder and Sister Stokoe for planning our great preparation day activity!
Elder and Sister Sherbert

For additional photos see our post "P Day - August 19th."  When we came with the P.E. Zone elders.

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