Thursday, September 12, 2013

Missionary Program & Transfers

We met a the church Sunday night to reherse the program.  Elder Stokoe's instruction:  Sing loud with energy; Speak loud when introducing yourself and your number.  Look at the audience.  Stand in a straight line when singing group numbers.  Smile land look cheerful.  Keep hands out of pockets.  Our purpose is not only to entertain but to buoy them up artistically and spiritually.

 We opened the program with "Called To Serve."  Elder Dale, SLC, played "Everything," written for his wife by Michael Buble.  Then Elder Burton, from England, sang "Don't Look Back in Anger," by Oasis and accompanied himself on the guitar.  "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today," was the next group number.  

Elders Hlpohe, Ramshaba, and Van Brughan and Van Zyl, our four South African Elders, performed the Miner's song and dance which went over really well.  It was sung by black miners while digging for gold in Johannesburg and is popular throughout the country.  The audience loved it.

Elder Von Brugen then played Fredric Choppin's Rain Drop Prelude which we followed by singing  "The Spirit of God. . ."  Then it was Polynesian time.  Elder Stokoe an Elder Arthur, New Zealanders, sang a medley of Maori songs.  Then Elder Arthur and Elder Cossey, Magna, performed the Haka.

The Finale was the mission theme song.  We were thanked for a wonderful program and our hard work in the garden by Mrs. Davidson.  We all enjoyed presenting this program and our elders asked if we could perform another program again sometime.  This is not likely as transfers are on Wednesday and half of them will likely be sent to other areas.    

 As photos are not allowed in the Care Center, I took this picture as we were leaving.  Everyone who was here in December is wearing a tie with the mission logo in the colours of South Africa's flag, which they got for Christmas.

Our next stop was Mcdonalds where Elder Stokoe told everyone to order whatever they wanted.
Elders Von Brugen, Burton, Van Zyl, Dale and I.  Elders Lawson, Cossey, Arthur, Wilde and Muange
Kneeling Elders George and Carlson, from SLC, Elder Ramshaba and Hlophe, from South Africa.
Elder France just called from the mission office in Cape Town to instruct us to buy bunk beds,  mattresses, and blankets and be ready for two additional missionaries at the flat in Blue Water Bay.  Then swore us to secrecy.   Transfers will not be announce until Monday.   We are inspecting flats on Saturday and will try to have everything in ready for the incoming missionaries before they arrive.  We will likely buy the furniture at Aberdeen's since the used furniture places will not deliver that far out.  We purchased new book cases for Motherwell Branch so we know that Aberdeen's is willing to deliver there.
Elders Wild and Hlophe will enjoy having two more elders to help in Motherwell.

Missionary boarding at Bluewater Bay
There should be room for a set of bunk beds in the loft but what about the desks?
Elder Stokoe is pointing to Flat #62
Friday morning we visit the missionaries and discover that the contract only allows two people per flat.  It's a good thing we did not buy any bunk beds.  The elders sent us to visit Persi, the building manager.  He told us that one of his tenants has just been transferred to East London.  That  #62 is empty and might still be available.  We went to the Mauritus Portabella Rental and discover that someone had called on it.   This flat is the only one available in Blue Water Bay.

Elder Stokoe called Elder France who handles all boardings for the mission.  He talked to President Wood and was given approval to secure it.  However #62 is under contract until October 1st.  Luckily the bylaws allow for guests who may stay for short periods.  so the incoming Elders will stay with the others for two weeks.  We collected two mattresses from the Laraine Elders.   (They are not using the ones that came with the bunk beds we bought them.)   We drove to Macro and purchased pillows, sheets and blankets for our new arrivals and took everything there today.

Getting is flat is a great blessing and the two new missionaries will likely walk or ride  bikes.  Elder Wilde will sort that out when he talks to President Wood.  We got more good news. The Nygqondela family, whom we we visited last Saturday, will be baptised on October 12th.

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