Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lunch & VW Plant

Lunch at Georgios
We toured this plant -- one of the two VW  complexes in Uithenhage
The Volks Wagon plant employees 4,000 people but assembly is done by huge robots.  Workers were on strike for three weeks but are back to work now.  There are two eight hour shifts.  It takes sixteen hours to produce each automobile.

New cars just off the assembly line
We were driven all over the plant in a trolly.  However we were not allowed to take photos.  The plant was built in 1940's.  The first cars produced were Studebakers.  Today the VW plant makes Audis, Nissans, Volvs, Apollos, Golfs, Jettas, as well as other makes.   Then they are shipped to dealers all over the world.

Shifts were cut from eight to four hours each day as the parts suppliers are now on strike.   They are running out of parts -- seats, radiators, etc.  If the suppliers do not settle soon this plant will have to shut down again until the suppliers strikes are settled.

Touring trolly driven by Brian, our tour guide

The Auto Museum
Sisters Gardner & Chase with a truck & car from the 1940's

Race Car

 A new VW

Thanks, Sister Stokoe, for the two blouses.  I love them and have worn both of them now and will get much use from them.  Seems so nice to wear something else I'm not sick of and I appreciate your giving them to me.  Thanks, Elder Stokoe, for the saw you gave us.  I'm sure Elder Gardner will use it and also be able to let others use it from time to time.  We appreciate everything you always do for us!

We love staying with you and always feel so at home.  We will miss you so much when you leave but are so thankful to have gotten to know you.  We have really, really grown to love you both!

The couples activity was wonderful and it was really fun being with you and the other couples.  Thanks again for a really special time together.  Much love, Elder and Sister Gardner

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