Sunday, September 8, 2013

Motherwell Branch Conference

Presidency Elder Mdlele, President Zitsu & Elder Sisfundiso
Motherwell became a branch today-- and the leaders of all  organisations were sustained.  The theme of the conference was "Unity."  President Zitsu said he had been a member of many different wards while serving a mission in Jamaica and since.  He understands how important it is that everyone feel welcome. Know one should be excluded.  This is not a place for clicks.  In order to grow and spread the gospel throughout Motherwell we must love and support one another.  Never speak ill of anyone.

First Counselor Mdlele served in the leadership of another church until he prayed for direction at the beginning of the year.  He felt impressed to join his two daughters who had just been baptised.  Before they found the church his family all attended different churches. He said that leadership requires a lot of responsibility and he  hoped "to hide here" after he was baptised but the Lord had other things in mind for him.  He is now President Zitsu's first counselor.
P.E. Stake President Neku (center), with Elder Wildskut, & Elder Parker

Relief Society: 1st counselor Monyikazi Robiyana,
2nd Nompumelelo Mzimi with President Queenettie Cwele 
Second Counselor Sisfundiso will graduate from high school in November.  Since his baptism on May 4th he has worked closely with the missionaries and was released as branch mission leader today.   He encouraged members to take the gospel to their friends and neighbours.

(The Nygoneela family we visited last night came to church today.) I am sure they were touched by the strong testimony that their relative Sisfundiso bore.

President Neko described his impression to start a group in Motherwell.  He said it has not been easy.  He approached two other elementary schools in an effort to find space to rent.  When he arrived at  Elufefeni Primary School and was met by two members who teach here he knew he had found the right place to start the branch. The first meeting was held on December 3, 2012.  Six members attended.
Primary Presidency, Sister Robiyana, Zitsu & Mineka

Sister Mzimi followed her daughter into the waters of baptism.  She serves as second councillor in the Motherwell Relief Society.  She talked today about the unity needed between a husband and wife.  They need to be united in order to properly lead their family.

I gave the opening prayer and the spirit was strong throughout the meeting.  The twelve members of the high council attended as did all the leaders of the various auxiliaries.  Every seat was filled. Luwando and Khwezi Gombha who were baptised yesterday were confirmed today.

Since the meeting lasted into the second hour the Stake President cancelled Sunday School and Relief Society/Priesthood and sent everyone out door to visit and take pictures.

These young women leaders were both baptised in the last three months.
Young women leaders Sister Mzini and Sister Tandekile

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