Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mormon Waldensians

Email to Diane from Jan Thorpe  - Sept 4, 2013

I think you might be interested in this book.

The Suffering of the Saints by Jack Monnett
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"The Suffering of the Saints", the latest book from Jack Monnett. For My Name's Sake They Shall Deliver You up to Be Afflicted and Kill You.
For centuries, a small enclave of refugees lives in the Northern Italian Alps seeking to practice the simple Christianity of the Bible. Legends taught them that their beliefs had persisted from the teachings of the Apostle Paul while he was imprisoned in Rome, and that their Christian duty was to cling to those teachings at all cost. The cost was more dear than 21st Century readers can imagine. Centuries of incessant attacks, torture, and exile into unknown lands were the price of their faithfulness. such were the dealings of the Catholic Inquisition persisting for nearly three centuries against these religionsists seeking asylum in the rocky Alps.They were known as the Waldenses - the people of the mountains. They predated the Christian Reform Movement begun by Calvin and Luther; they memorized books of the Bible to repeat to each other; they printed one of the first Bibles; and outside of Catholic edifices, they built the first known religious meetinghouses. And at all cost, they followed their beliefs. Despite their devotion, sacrifice, and intense bravery, they were eventually overtaken by deceit. Just over a century later, responding to a dream, their descendants were found and taught by Elder Lorenzo Snow.
196 pages. Navoo House (2013).

Thanks Jan!  You have been a life saver by providing LDS books.  I did not know that Amazon would ship to South Africa until you sent all the Pontius books about the second coming.  I just finished "All are Alike unto God" and started reading Snuffer's book, "Nephi's Isaiah" this morning.   I will forward this to Andre Chatelain and others who contact me about the Mormon Waldensians.   Love and blessings


Hello Diane,

Thank you very much for the work that you did on your thesis. My name is Andr√® Chatelain and I am a Mormon Waldensian through Peter Chatelain's line. I just started doing my family history and I came across you writings. What a joy to discover so many wonderful things about my family history and the legacy of the Valdois. 

Right now I am doing my best to track down some of your resources so I can learn more about the Chatelains. One of the ironic things is I have asked my uncle Richard Chatelain for copies of any family history he has and haven't been able to get anything yet. I did notice that you received a copy of one of the documents he has: John Daniel Malan and Mary Louise Chatelain Family Group Sheet Archives, . . .

I know you wrote this history a long time ago, but I wonder if you still have copies of any of this life sketch or any histories relative to the Chatelains?

Thank you,

Andre' Chatelain

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