Saturday, August 10, 2013

Woman's Day/Relief Society Conference

On August 9, 1956 hundreds of women marched to their union buildings to demand their rights.  Now it's a national holiday and the month of August has been set aside as "Women's Month."  P.E. Stake celebrates by holding a Relief Society Conference each year.   The sisters all wear their colorful native costumes.  They sing tribal songs along with the hymns and listen to several talks about the role of LDS women today.  This year Bishop Bray hosted the conference in Uitenhage Ward.  Since this ward has no cultural hall,  the chapel served and we were allowed to take pictures.  We all had a wonderful time.
Stake Relief Society President Sister Cosa greeted each sister

Sanilisewe Ntsehe Delepu

Motherwell women singing along with other groups

Sister Meleka, P.E. Ward was the key note speaker

Anele Kondile 
I drove the three other senior missionary sisters to Uitenhage for this two hour party/conference.  We did not stay for refreshments as we were going out to dinner with the Woods.   The plan was that we would go directly to the Board Walk. However Sister Blader needed to go back to Laraine to meet Dr. Blader to tell him to wear his suit coat.  

Sister Sherbert and Sister Van Sickley further delayed us as both had to call husbands to open their compounds gates.    I  returned just as Tom and the Chases were driving out of our gated community to go to the farewell dinner in town.  Don't know what I would have done if they had left without me.  This was one of those tender mercies as I don't like driving and parking in town at night.  We enjoyed our dinner with President and Sister Woods, the Sherberts, the Chases (from Grahamstown,) President and Sister Stums (from Port Alfred)   The Bladders  had just arrived.  They are the new senior couple who will  replace the Van Sickles.  

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