Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remembering Seth David Kent

We just received word that Laraine's 35 year old son, passed during the night.   Thirty-five years ago, between May 26 & June 23, Corinne, Laraine and I all had baby boys.  We decided to name each "David."  So we have David Dean Young,  David Thomas Stokoe and Seth David Kent.  Dear Seth, we love you and know you are in a better place.  With much love, from Tom and Diane

Erika, Laraine and Seth
After the wonderful, spiritually fed Tuesday, I did not know at the time the classes were preparing me for the sadness of early Wednesday morning. Our son, Seth, lost his battle against his demons, mental illness (OCD) and substance abuse. Seth passed away at 12:30 am, August 21. Our hearts and homes are being filled with love and support from family members and dear friends. We are grateful for the gospel and the knowledge he now is free from his earthly struggles...and we will be with him again.
Email from Dean "Tell Mom I'm Okay!"
It was still early here. I learned that Seth had died.  I was laying on the couch in the family room. It was Seth!  He was out of breath!  I need you to tell my mom that I am o.k. He said to me. Sure Seth! I will.  I assumed that was all.  He asked me again.  Yes, Seth!  I Will.   He was out of breath. Nervous Perhaps. He still would not leave.  He kept asking me and I assured him again and again.   I WAS NOW telling him to breath.''In. Out. Breath in!''.   He finally calmed down. He left.
  I later went over to visit the kents.  I delivered my message to the family.  Lariane said that she prayed and asked for a sign that Seth was OK.   She did wonder why he did not tell her himself.    Perhaps he will! Message delivered!

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His Obituary, written by Erika, appeared in the Deseret News: 
Seth David Kent, age 35, passed away in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 21, 2013 after losing his battle with mental illness and substance abuse.

Born June 23, 1978 in Wheatridge, Colorado to Ronald Gene and Laraine Johnson Kent.  Seth graduated from Brighton High School in 1996.  After graduation, he served as an LDS missionary in Boston, Massachusetts.  In 2002, Seth received an Associate of Science Degree from Salt Lake Community College.

Seth had a beautiful soul.  He loved the Gospel and his family with all of his heart.  He adored animals, especially dogs.  He was fun-loving and had an unique sense of humor.  All of these attributes are of the Seth we knew, some were carried through the years, while others seemed to fade.  But the quality that never left him was his perseverance.  Seth lived by a proclamation from his idol, Michael Jordan, "I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying."  He never gave up.  Seth had a firm testimony, which brought him courage to pick himself up, every time he fell.

He is survived by his parents; his siblings: Jeff (Shelley) Morrison, CO, Todd, Eryn, Michael (Ashlee) Gilbert, AZ, Mark (Kortnie) Twin Falls, ID, Erika; and eleven nephews and nieces.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, August 26th at 2:00pm, in the Willow Creek 3rd Ward LDS Chapel. . .  

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