Monday, August 19, 2013

P Day - August 19

At the dentist with the other two waiting for Elder Van Zyl's chipped tooth to be fixed

 Walmer Mall is right next door so we went shopping.  I bought Elder Ramshaba an over coat.

Elder Ramshaba just transferred from KwaNobushle where his companion was Elder Olyabo; one of our Grahamstown Elders.  While having their car serviced they decided to go tracting.  Two young men approached them.   They said they were Mormon missionaries and went on walking.  These men returned with two others and demanded their back packs.

"We arn't going to give you our back packs," they said.  Two men took out knives and held them against their throats.  The elders quickly complied.  They returned to pick up the car but had no money to pay for it saying they had just been robbed.  The service center trusted them and said they could take the car and pay later.  Elder Ramshaba took it in stride as people in Jo Berg are always getting robbed.  However Olyabo is from Uganda.  When people witness a robbery there they attack and beat up the assailants.  He did not understand why those witnessing the robbery did not come to their aid.  The Elders called President Wood who suggested that they take the rest of the day off.

Elder Lawson's found a store with English products
They went to the church and sat around for the rest of the day as Elder Olyabo was still traumatized.   Mob justice is the order of the day in Uganda.  He felt that those young hoodlums should have been  stoned.

Elder Lawson, from Yorkshire was delighted to find a store in Walmer Mall specialising in English products.  He recognise many of the products he finds at home including his favorite shampoo.  I purchased a few small items for him and we returned to the dentist's office to see how Elder Van Zyle was doing.

Then Elder Stokoe took us all to lunch at McDonalds.

This isn't going to hurt is it?

Lunch at Mc Donalds

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