Friday, August 2, 2013

Senior Couples on Safari at Schotia

Dinner at the lodge in the evening

Elder Stumm liked the jump seat
After refreshments at 4:00 we get ready for the afternoon and evening.
Our mission president believes we seniors should get the "Dust of Africa" on our feet.  Every seven weeks or so we get together with the Boyces (serving in East London), the Chases (Grahamstown), the Stumms (Port Alfred),  the Gardners (George) and Scotts (Knysna).   On Monday July 29 we went on a Safari at Schotia Game Reserve.  This park has been owned by the same family since 1980.  The park is open every day except Christmas and the owners live on the property.
We gather at 2:00 p.m. to wait for our ride.

We were fortunate to be in Scott's group.  He's guided since 1995 
 Scott is a geologist who went to school with the owner of this game reserve.  A bachelor who has traveled a lot, Scott loves animals.  His hobby is working as a guide part time at Schotia.  He explained that three months ago Schotia's two rino's were dehorned by poachers.  They are among the 500 that have had their horns poached in S.A. this year alone.  Many of them die.  However these animals were lucky.  After the horns were taken, not deep enough to cause them to bleed to death, the poachers did not administer the drug to revive them.  Consequently they lay in the bush for three days.  This is dangers as their body processes begin to shut down and their liver may become damaged.  Three days later they staggered out of the bush.  Both very groggy it took a month before they were back to normal.  Scott thinks this many have been an inside job.  Rino horn is worth more per ounce than gold.
 Scott was not keen of getting us to close to the elephants as they can slim on people with their trunks.

This Bull is among the herd of six elephants at Schotia
Bee Hives are placed under trees to keep the elephants away.

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