Friday, August 16, 2013

Elder Stokoe's Birthday & Zone Conference

The candles could not be blown out and kept relighting. 
Last night we celebrated Elder Stokoe's Birthday. When we went to a Zone Meeting today everyone thanked us again for all the food and a fun evening.  They had a blast.  Elder Dale said he could not eat breakfast because he was still full from last night.  All thirteen elders voted to present the same program to the patients and to work in the garden at the Lorraine Frail Care Center again this year.

I'm going to tell the directors that we will do the garden provided the elders can take home some of the produce.  Last year lots went to waste because none of the inmates nor any of staff watered nor did they harvest much.

We visited the Sherberts after the meeting today to collect the packages they had picked up for us at our Sunridge P.O Box.  Sister Sherbert said she was happy all day just thinking about the party last night.  We decided on what to serve at leadership training next Friday.  I made two carrot cakes for the party but we only ate one.   So I froze the second.  That plus ice cream will be the dessert.  The main dish will be backed potatoes with chili, cheese, and some other toppings.  We will assign Sister Blatter rolls and a fruit salad.

We gave the Lorraine Elders the rest of their supplies last night.  They are short blankets while the elders who stay at King Street had extras.  So we picked them up, brought them home and washed them.  When Elder Swacina stayed there he complained there were not enough blankets.  So we bought new ones and took them over when we repaired their broken window.  Shortly thereafter Swacina discovered two more packed away in a closet.  So those went to our three Lorainne elders.  When the desk arrives which the Blatters will bring from a flat in Dispatch, these young men will be all "set up."

Elder Van Zyl from S.A.  on the top bunk.  Elder Ramshaba (Johannesburg) & Elder Lawson (Yorkshire) below.

Elder George (Southern Utah) & Elder Burton (Burmingham)

The Blatters (Montana), Elder Carlson (P.G.) & Dale (SLC)

Two Kiwi's - Elder Arthur also did the Haka

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