Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stake Conference & Farewell Van Sickles

Farewell Dinner at Yi Pin Chinese Restaurant on the Boardwalk

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for your hospitality for the event you planned for the Vansickles departure.  We really appreciate you letting us stay with you.  I loved hearing everyone's comments and testimonies.  The food was delicious the company great,  in all it was a fabulous evening.  Thank you so much for putting the evening together and including us.  We really appreciate you kindness.  Have a great day"

Sister Chase

Dessert & Testimony meeting for Senior Couples at our townhouse

 Elder S. sang "Now is the Hour,"  to end the evening.  Note that the last three days have been so busy I have developed red eye from stress.     I was up very early Friday a.m. to make a Texas Sheet Cake.  I had my hair done.  Then went to district meeting to meet our new missionaries and invite everyone to Elder Stokoe's birthday party.

Saturday we when shopping at Macro and found a table on sale that was just right for the Relief Society room.  We bought it and drove to Motherwell.  As Elder Zitsu was working we had to get keys from Sister Zitsu who was just leaving to catch a taxi for the leadership meeting in Port Elizabeth.

Then we went looking for a single bed for a third elder who was assigned to Lorraine.  We were surprised to find two sets of bunk beds at Smities used furniture store. We bought the best set and arranged to have it delivered.

Then we were off to Builder's Supply to make another set of keys so we don't have to bother the elders at Motherwell nor the Zitsus for their keys.

Next we went to the boarding at Kabeljous.  The three young men were just setting up beds.  Bunks were perfect as there was not enough room for three single beds and another desk in their flat.

Six elders from Kenya were sent here last week for fear of violence during that countries elections.  One is staying with
our elders so the bunk bed was perfect.  One of the single beds was falling apart.  The elders were using neck ties to hold it together.  We did not have to haul it away as they can use it for fire wood.

We had lunch and then it was off to the leadership meeting and the Saturday session of stake conference.  As Buzelwa/Minieka/Beautiful Day wanted to meet Deng,  I introduced them.  Deng was on his way up the isle to sing with the P.E. ward choir.  He looked very handsome in his dark suit, white shirt and red tie.

When the meeting was over we took Minieka and Dang to dinner at Spurs so they could get better acquainted. Then we drove her home to Motherwell and dropped Deng off on our way back to Lorraine. They seemed to hit it off.  They exchanged phone numbers.   He asked a lot  of questions about her while driving home.  He liked the fact that she is rather tall and that she's left handed.

Common sight in S.A. when money is being transported
Institute Class - Nicole, Neil, Deng & Putti with Erin seated.
The theme for Stake Conference was:  "Now is the time for labor," he said.  "Let the fire of the covenant which you made in the House of the Lord, burn in your hearts, like flame unquenchable."   It's a quote taken from the "Journal History of the Church. . . " 28 September, 1846.    It was first used by M. Russell Ballard in a 1999 General Conference address.  Those singing or giving talks wore red.  The ladies of the Kwanobuchle choir wore red blouses and the men wore red ties.  Most of the speakers in both sessions wore combinations of red and black to emphasise this theme.

 Sister Futshane, an elderly black woman who returned from a temple mission, bore a strong testimony of senior service.   She said that when she told her bishop she wanted to go on a mission he said, "But you are not educated and you don't speak English.  What could you do?"

"I don't know why my father never sent me to school but I love the gospel and I want to go.
So I go to that long (tall) Stake President and I say:  "Palmer.  I want to go on a mission.  Send me."  She enjoyed her three years of service in the Johannesburg temple.

Elder Giddy,  former President of the Cape Town Stake and now a members of the Seventies also talked.  He described a letter sent to President Monson from a woman who asked him to pray for her.   She felt her prayers were not answered.  She and her husband had been struggling with phonography for nine years.  This is a serious problem among our members all over the world.  The 12 Step Program, recently introduced in our stake can help members overcome addictions.

He warned everyone that we are in the last days and Satan's minions have ramped up efforts to destroy us,  especially the youth.  Battle lines have been drawn and technology is their prime weapons.  The youth must stand together and resist evil.   Satan always uses some truth to ensnare us.  He tells us that we are free.  We can choose.  We can have whatever we want.  So why not try drugs, alcohol and sex. It's no big deal.  But these things can destroy our souls.  Eventually we will have to pay the consequents.  Safety lies in  keeping the commandments and honoring the covenants we have made with God.

Reading the scriptures, attending our meetings, praying and keeping the commandments are like drops of oil in the lamp.  This kind of spiritual oil will enable us to meeting the bride groom and not be unprepared as were the foolish virgins of scripture were who, lacking oil missed the marriage feast.

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