Sunday, August 18, 2013

Update from our Utah Family & our S.A. Family

Corrine, Annabelle Jane & Neil 
Thanks Corrine for sending InTune oil.  Hope it helps with our memory problems. Also thanks for all the cute photos of Annabelle Jane.  We are looking forward to meeting her.

We are also looking forward to Nikki and David's new baby daughter who will arrive at the end of November.  And of course our great grand baby.

Thanks Dean for sending "All are Alike Unto God" and "Nephi's Isaiah."  I just finished Mormon Doctrine Book 3 which was among those that Amazon sent to me in May.  We are very busy attending Planning for Success classes, teaching Institute and conducting the follow up lessons in Motherwell so these books should keep me going until we fly to Istanbul  on October 17th.

We enjoyed being part of "Helping Hands" from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 yesterday. Then we attended the baptism of Thandekile Ngaleka, a member of my Sunday School Class,  in the afternoon.  The elders complained that the water was darker than Elder Zitsu.  But he told them to go ahead with the baptism.  Likely a broken pipe accounted for the problem.  But the merkey water did not dampen Thandekile's spirit.  She was so excited.
The Zitsu twins,  Bahalwa & Nolubabeilo, are scheduled to be baptised at noon next Saturday
We have heard nothing from Buzelwa/Mineka's uncle.  Evidently the head of her father's family has no intention of honoring his commitment.  Mineka tells us that her uncle is a contractor with a wife in the area and children from various women all over the country.  Why try to help with her problems?  I asked about the money he said he had set aside for her education.  Mineka said he has no intention of doing anything for her.  However she hopes to get her blind aunt to go to Home Affairs with us.

Today we attended Sacrament meeting in P.E. at 8:00 a.m. and another in Motherwell at 10:00.  As President Wood wanted them to see a DVD during Sunday School we don't have to teach Sunday School for the next two weeks.  So it was off to Cleary to attend a "Planning for Success" class which started at 12:00 noon.  We finally have had one application for a loan.  However the application was not filled out properly so  Elder S. will have to sort that out.

It's windy and bitter cold here now.  We just returned from a dinner appointment with the Lorraine Elders at Sister Rank's house.  Elder Ramshaba, the black from Johannesburg, is freezing.  He has no over coat.  Just wears two sweaters and still can't keep warm.   So I told him to stop by and borrow my trench coat.  He needs it more than I do.

Helping Hands in the morning.  Getting baptised in the afternoon.


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