Friday, August 2, 2013

A few of Elder Stokoe's favorite things. . .

To Everett Young, 
Today’s sight of the day was a woman passing by in front of our car balancing a microwave on her head holding it in place with one hand.    Interesting sight on the safari we went on 
Leaving Stethan Place for an early morning walk in our park.
last Monday 3pm – 9pm =  3 lions next to our safari truck in the dark visible in our spotlight.  We followed them for half an hour with them lying down regularly by the truck. 

Lions in the spotlight
Beautiful nature sights = sunrise and sunset, clear blue skies, and cloud formations.  

Service we enjoy = Teaching the newly baptized the 5 follow up lessons, teaching the young adult Sunday School class, teaching a Wednesday evening Institute class, and for the next 4 Saturdays being in a Planning for Success Workshop in Kwamagxaki ward.  Association and friendship we enjoy = the Africans at church, and the young missionaries.  
Sister Nompumelelo Mzini & daughter Nosiphiwo Mzini

Other enjoyable things = driving around South Africa, little 3 and 4 year old Black kids running up to me and saying “Elda Stock oh” and grabbing my hand, fish and chips, living in this very nice house,  visiting the newly baptised in their homes, the warm winter days,cooking for the young missionaries and zone conference luncheons, the success of Sister S’s operation, and the fact that we didn’t have to come home early June to do it.  She has recovered nicely.  

 Thank you for prayers on her behalf and thanks Everett for placing us on the temple prayer roll.  Also, Everett, thanks for the pull pork recipe and taco soup recipe.  That was nice of you to provide that.  The young missionaries are the benefactors and are always grateful.  Well, that’s it for now.  Have a good week.   Elder S.      
Sister Stokoe adds,  The Mdledle's grand kids who are writing to Cole & Sophie.   Busisiwe wanted to have a pen pal like her cousin so I told her to write to Sophie.

She ran and got a piece of cardboard.  On it she  wrote: "My name is Busisiwe.  I am in grade 3.  I love sweets.  I have a teddybear.  I like playing."
Busisiwe (pink shirt) now has a pen pal in America.

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