Thursday, August 8, 2013

Michael Tomsich & Belov Family Records

On 06 Aug 2013, at 10:23 PM, Dave Stokoe wrote:

 Mom & Dad
Nikki's youngest brother Micheal passed this morning of a drug overdose. Nikki and I are in Ferron now with her parents. 
Please pray for her family. Thank you for always being so loving and supportive of me even though I have not always been so loving and supportive of you. 
God Bless

On Aug 7, 2013, at 9:54 AM, Tom wrote:

We are so sorry.  Our hearts go out to the whole family.  It’s hard,  It hurts.  It’s unexpected.  We both wept when we read Dave’s email.  Michael was such a neat kid.  It’s that young boy we first met when you and Dave were married that we know the best.  That beautiful young boy soon to enter junior high school.  A handsome young boy, a good natured kid, humble with a smile.  You could tell he was a good kid the moment you met him.  It’s that young man we cherish, admire, and hold dearly. 
A young boy with a good spirit, a choice young man.  We empathize with your mom and dad.  We know how it can feel.  Your parents are choice parents, neat parents, loving parents, kind, thoughtful and caring. As a family we are all one.  Marriage binds us all. We love your mom and dad.  We love you Nikki and Dave.  We love our grand-children.  The gospel is what holds us together eternally, and this is what we all can cherish, for it is through the gospel that we can see and be with Michael again.  Please convey our deepest love and support to your parents and the whole family.  Our prayers are with you all.


Tom & Diane
 Elder & Sister Stokoe 
South Africa Cape Town Mission
Email from Laraine
Thanks so much for sharing your emails regarding the passing of
Nikki's brother.  What a sad time for all.  I imagine much of the
feelings you had during the time of Steve's passing have surfaced.  We
love you so much and know you are blessing the lives of many many people in South Africa, as well as your family here at home. 
 Getting news about Michael reminds us of our own sad loss.  What a blessing to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and knowing about life after death.  I have a strong testimony of the importance of temple work, strengthened many years ago by an experience relating to the Belov Family.  Interesting that Joyce's e-mail arrived on the same day we heard of Michael's passing.  Joyce wrote:

The story by Grandpa Belov about Sergei Ossinin is obviously about a real relative.  You have pasted a photo.

What is the connection?

Since Sergei talks about his uncle Y. B. Klouchnicov, could Sergei Ossinin have been the grandson of Benjamin Kluichnicov and Neonila Belov (before she died) through a daughter who married an Ossinin?

Likely this is way beyond what you remember, but I'm just playing with things.  You can go on, click on family tree, and most of these people are up there.  I was able to find out the place several of them died was Tseng Tau, Hong Kong, China. That's how the Church's site corrected the place name.

I've been working a bit uploading "stuff" now that the Church site allows us to put up photos and stories.

I've been enjoying your emails lately.  They're a real insight into what you're doing.  We're taking the boys to the planetarium at Gateway this afternoon.  I've been promising since Christmas. Thursday is Lucas' tenth birthday, and we're celebrating Friday night at Hale Centre Theatre with "Tarzan" and then Saturday at Boondocks in Draper with Jim's family.  We've got lots of things crammed in the next week since school starts mid-week on August 21st.  Hope you're still feeling well.  Love, Joyce

Dear Joyce,

Grandpa Belov used his mother's maiden name rather than "Belov" in  "The Steps of Saturn."  (You can find it online.  Go to Click on family histories.)  Grandpa is always the central character in his stories.  However he used a different alia in each work.   Benjamin Kluichnicov is Serge P. Belov's grandfather.  When Andrew was born I was doing some temple work for the Belov family and I cried all over the alter when that family was sealed.  Obviously the little Russian woman who was Grandpa's mother really wanted her family to be sealed. 

After divorcing Pete in 1969, I continued my close association with Grandpa Belov .  But just before moving to Ohio we had a serious argument.  I was so angry that I told the good Lord that I would not do any more genealogical work for those people unless Grandpa came over and apologised.  The very next day he came and said he was sorry.  

I was so surprised.  After we made up I asked him to fill out a pedigree chart on his family for as far back as he could remember.  I put it away and thought nothing more about it until ward temple night in the fall of 1990.  Tom and I were going through the West Jordan temple when, in my minds eye,  I kept seeing  Pete.  When we got into the celestial room I ask Ann Brooks, my relief society president, what it meant.  "Maybe he is dead," she replied.

Later, while driving home, I told Tom about my experience.  He asked if Pete was wearing his temple clothes.  I said "No!  He was dressed in a white shirt and white pants.  He smiled at me and looked the same way he did when we were young."  

"Do you have temple work that needs to be done for that family," he asked.  That's when I remembered getting all that information from grandpa.  Not wearing temple robes indicated to Tom that my ex husband could not help them and he wanted me to do it.  

Getting the names, birth and death dates was a real problem as the information on the back of some of the old photos was in Russian.  I asked my son Matt Belov if he could help since he had minored in Russian.  But he could not read the old cyrillic script.  Luckily my friend Maria Wright was able to get the names and dates translated into English.  Donna Bozendahl helped fill out all the forms and submit them and we went to the temple to do the ordinance work for Grandpa's immediate family.  An ordinance worker interrupted a sealing session led by Keith Burgerstrom, Tom's former principal, so we could seal the family.    I was so emotional during and after the ceremony that he asked, "Where they kin?"  

Not wanting to explain that I was doing temple work for my ex-husband's family I responded,  "Last month my little grandson, Andrew Belov, was born and I am the only person on the face of the earth that has records to link him to his Russian ancestors."    

The photos you have are from the Serge P. Belov collection. You may remember that we got them when Grandpa Belov died.  Tom and I were in Hawaii visiting with Tom's family when grandpa passed away.  You picked Dean and I  from the airport and we drove to grandpa's trailer so I could collect them before Pete's wife came from Canada.  Tom flew in later with Matt and Steve.  It was Grandpa's three grandsons that helped to bury him as neither Pete nor Cathy came to their father's funeral.    Thanks for updating this material and posting all our records to New Family Search.
                                                                                                     Love, Diane

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