Friday, August 23, 2013

Leadership Training - August 23rd

 Excellent training from President Wood on Relationship problems.  Problems are usually the result of pride (or stubborness), disobedience, selfishness, laziness or poor communications.  Poor communications often leads us to have dark motives.

When dealing with a difficult problem it's useful to ask,  "May I have your permission to talk about this?"  Or one might say, "It bothers me when . . " You can ask, "What am I doing to cause this problem?"  The gospel teaches us correct principles.  We really are our "brother's keeper."  Always invite the spirit.  Bear your testimony, confirm your love and commit to to better.

Elder & Sister Sherbert, Elder & Sister Blatter & Sister Wood
We also heard a talk by Neil M. Maxwell about how we receive personal revelation.  Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost.  They speak the words of Christ.  Even Adam needed the Holy Ghost after he left the Garden of Eden.

Revelation comes in different ways:  It can come as a quiet voice.  Or as a comforting feeling.  As an answer to prayer or from words spoken by others.

We live far beneath our revelatory privileges.  We need to rise to those privileges in order to receive personal revelation.

Revelation can help us connect our thoughts.  It always flows through proper channels.    Scripture always begets more scripture.  Joseph Smith was reading James 1:5, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God. . ." just before he prayed to ask which church to join.  The Book of Mormon came as a result of this.  Much of the Doctrine of Covenants came as answers to questions.

We ended by singing the mission song:  "We stand as armored soldeirs in the service of our  Lord.  We are ready, willing, able to go forth and preach the Word.  Marching forward into battle, We are armed with shields of faith And there's nothing that can stop us as we go! . . ."

Hosting lunch after training
Saturday Morning - E-mail to Dean

I've been feeling sick since the day Seth died.  You are not the only empath in the family.  I can feel what they are going through.  I'm very sad about not being there to support them.   Wish I could come home.  Wednesday night I kept dreaming about doing some impossible tasks.  Without any success.   Likely a metaphor for all that we tried to do to help Seth.   I read some of the postings in the Deseret News this morning and cried.   Then got an impression to go to the mall and buy Sunflowers to remind me about all the happy times we shared with the Kents.  When is the funeral?   Please tape it for us.   Love, Mom

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