Friday, March 29, 2013

PEF Report & Easter Luncheon

I  finally sent my mid-mission report to the higher ups in Jo Burg-- Brothers Khumbulaini and  Thembikos.  They are paid by the church to administer PEF in Africa and often get complaints during our conference calls.   Since they seem defensive when anything negative is brought up, I've been reluctant to share.

When Elder S. and I were replaced as the full time member service missionaries in Grahamstown, I told president about my issues with PEF.  President Wood is our spiritual leader and our bishop.   He asked if I had shared these feelings with our administrators as they are the ones who would need to released us in order to accept a different assignment.  
When I said, "No,"  President gave me this advise:  "Have a firm grip on the obvious.  Make the obvious clear."  

An e-mail came in reply today:  "This is a wonderful report and much, much appreciated.  You have done all in your power to fulfil your assignment.  You deserve the best. . .  We are so blessed to have such a positive couple missionary.  You have seen a good where many see bad, and for that you have won my heart.  You hardly complained about your challenges, you just kept on working. . . "   

 Thembinkosi called Tom yesterday to ask how he could be of help,   "It's not you it's the students," Tom replied.    Other PEF couples seem to be having similar problems.  Recently we got this from the Alan's, the PEF couple in Durban:
Response to the Alan's e-mail
"Great thoughts from Elder and Sister Allen."

Khumbulani Mdletshe (Director in Johannesburg)
On 25 Mar 2013, at 11:25 AM, "Elder and Sister Allen" sent this e-mail to all the PEF couples:
Dear Brothers & Sisters: 
The attached graphic from a recent Durban newspaper demonstrates some of what we try to teach our PEF hopefuls --- "personal responsibility", "take the initiative" and "follow-through".   We don't know what words are better to use in Africa.   Frustrating to us that we can't get more prompt personal action from all too many who have had the PEF orientation and must work toward completing a PFS Workshop, obtaining the Priesthood Interviews, and especially in completing an online application.

The graphic shows clearly that even if a job applicant passes initial screening, if they don't "make it to the interview",  or if they "neglect to take necessary documentation", they will never get hired, or, in our case, never get the PEF loan.

In our experience we are trying harder in the personal contacts to give emphasis to "you have to act on your own, to succeed", for we can only chart the path, not walk it for you.

Cheers to all,
Elder & Sister Allen

We are spending most of the time with our young missionaries and will host an Easter luncheon tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. after we do flat inspection as transferrs are on Wednesday.  We will all watch "Jospeh and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," on DVD.
These are the elders that we are responsible for here in P.E.

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