Friday, March 22, 2013

Heritage Day - March 21st

We are back to normal and I'm feeling better about our assignment in Port Elizabeth.  We went to district meeting on Friday while Jessica cleaned our flat.  We are now sharing her with the Sherberts.  They have been using her every other Friday.  I understand that she also cleans for the  Van Sickles.  Jessica is excellent worker and very fast.  I'm glad the other two couples also use her as she is a single mother and needs the work.

The district leaders conducted the meeting on Friday.  We enjoyed Elder Vernon and Washburn's lesson on prayer.   They are traveling to George today so will be gone for the several days.  We went with them to visit Maria and Phillip Clark last night and enjoyed being with them as we haven't visited with them since we went to Grahamstown.    

Tomorrow is Heritage Day, a national holiday here in South Africa.   The Fouries have invited us to a Braii--a "bring your own meat" affair and a ping pong tournament.  Brother Fourie is proud of the fact that he is the only person to have beaten President Wood in ping pong.  Phillip is very competitive and expects to give Kevin "a run for his money."  I have both the Fourie children in my Institute class. Nicole is close to becoming a professional golfer.   Neil, in his mid twenties, is a beautician and also helps his parents in their law office on site.   A lot of young people  have been invited.

 Elder Washburn mentioned that he golfs on p-day but has not been able to find  a set of left hand golf clubs.  Interesting that we had just been to the Port Elizabeth Golf Club to look for left handed clubs.  Tom says he needs only a left handed driver to practice at the Walmer Wood driving range.   President Nye gave us a set of right handed clubs.

Elder Washburn entertained us with a story about sleep walking and talking.  He has had two concussions because he is a sleep walker and is on  medication.  This has resolved the problem but he had a companion who often talked in his sleep.  Washburn was awake one night when he heard his companion say, "I testify that the church is true.  Now my companion will testify.  (There was a long pause)  Then the elder went on:  "Sorry my companion is sick and cannot testify. " Then he taught the rest of the discussion without awaking.   I mentioned that when our son David was quarterback of his little league team he used to call plays in his sleep.

Elder Strauss and Slabbert invited us to help them with a discussion.  They had a 12:00 noon appointment with a 21 year old woman they were meeting at the church.  (Missionaries cannot teach a single sister without some other adult present.)  Bianca is an attractive  unmarried Afrikanner with a 4 year old daughter.  She lived with her fiancee, an inactive Mormon, and was progressing nicely, until he cheated on her and she moved out.  Bianca is reading the Book of Mormon.  She is a former model.  She has worked in Cape Town and in Miami but does not like the life style.  Her career prevented her from completing high school. She is currently making up the classes while working as a waitress.   Bianca wants to know what God wants her to make of her life.  We met for 1 1/2 hours and have an appointment on  Friday.

On P-day we were at Addo Elephant Park most of the day.  We had lunch and I bought two beautiful statues--one of a warrior and the other of an African marian.  Then sent the off via surface mail. Since there is a postal strike I don't know when they will arrive. No matter, so far everything we've sent has eventually gotten there.  We saw over one hundred elephants at the watering hole.  They arrived in groups of seven or eight led by the matriarch.  They just around while the youngsters bathed and then they wandered off in different directions.  A young male came over to the cement sign next to the road and used it to scratch himself.  It was awesome.  
PEF Students Brad & Stuart Chamberlin with wife Tish & their sister.

Heritage Dinner with Kevin & Gale Fourie and friends

Institute student Nicole Fourie celebrating her 21 birthday

Nicole Fourie & Phillip Clark in Ping Pong Tournament

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