Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13, 2013

We are back to "not being very busy and not having anything to write home about."  Today we are without transport.   Tom took  the car in for it's 60,000 mile service check.  It also needs paint on the rear bumper and new break pads.  Elder S. backed into a gate and scraped the bumper.  We will charge all repairs to the fleet card and hope that the church will cover everything.   The car rental fee is $150 a month and includes all the service.  The cost of gas in South Africa is going up. Last month we paid $300 for petro as we were running back and forth between Grahamstown and P.E. covering two assignments.  

We had a very productive day on Sunday in Kwanobuhle 1st and 2nd Wards. Elder S. had both bishops announce that anyone interested in a PEF loan should meet with us at the back of the chapel after Sacrament Meeting.  We were able to talk with a number of students. We met Brother Newaua, P.E. Stake's new high councilmen in charge of PEF, who will teach one planning for success class for these wards as they share the chapel.  

We had our Lorraine missionaries over on Monday night for a spaghetti dinner and for family home evening.  They are both white South Africans. Elder Strauss used to work for a furniture store.  He repaired two of the cabinets we got from the Bannisters which were damaged during transport.  Elder Slabbert is an accomplished pianist. Tom's going to ask you send some sheet music so Slabbert can accompany Elder Moangare when he sings "Close Every Door" from "Joseph" to the patients at the Lorraine Frail Care Center.  Tom told me he would consider directing "Joseph" if he ever had a missionary who could play the lead.  Elder Moangare, from the Gilbert Islands, sang a solo during Zone Conference last week.  He is charismatic, handsome and has a beautiful tenor singing voice.  He would make a great Joseph.   Slabbert is an accomplished pianist. So perhaps Elder S. will change his mind about directing.

Monday was p-day so we went to Kargga Karmma Game reserve and enjoyed watching four white rhinos for about an hour.  Tuesday we drove 203 kilometres to the little shop where I purchased black linen slacks on our way to Cape Town last November.  I bought two pair of linen slacks in lighter colours.  They are much more comfortable than skirts.  We visited "Birds of Eden"  and "Monkey Land" while waiting for some alternations.  I brought a lot of skirts with me but only wear them to Institute or to church meetings.   I would have froze if I had not brought a pair of wool dress slacks to wear last winter.  Of course levi's can only be worn on p-day.   By putting on dress slacks every morning, I look professional.  Sometimes we have to go out shopping or we need to collect the mail or run an errand.  I used to feel guilty about wearing slacks so often until Elder Critchfield quoted from page 12 of the "White Bible" which contains mission rules.  It states that lady missionaries may wear dress slacks.

Sister Sherbert has asked me to teach Institute.   My first class in P.E. is at 7:00 p.m. this evening.    I am trying to go forth with faith, not look back nor covet my neighbours Grahamstown mission assignment.  Thanks for keeping the home fires burning.  Love, Mom


Dean Belov to Diane Stokoe,  E-mail on March 13th - "Back to busy-ness"
The snow is almost all melted. Only a few spots left here and there.  Clearly there is lots to do.  Ron is anxious to get going on lawn projects and we picked up supplies today.  We started on the front lawn.  I could not get our lawn mower working. Ron hit a stump last year and it needs some repair.  It needs the blade to be sharpened as well.  I will take it in for service.  The Ford Explorer has a flat tire. I  found  a nail in the tire and will take it in as well.   We worked  for 4 hours today!

  I just got a phone call from across the street.  Matt  has a problem with 3 scections of fence in the back  yard between the Madsens yard.  He owns a dog and needs it fixed! Looks like it is back to work!  I hope all is well!   Have a great day!  Love , Dean.


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