Friday, March 22, 2013

A day with the Missionaries

Elders Slabbert and Elder Moangare
Today was a good day.  We walked in the park just outside our compound, read chapter 33 from "The Life and Teachings of Jesus. . .", went to Builder's Supply to buy ant traps for the elders and attended  District meeting.  We were also invited to participated in a discussion with Bianca by Elders Slabbert and Elder Strauss.  Then we took Eder Tonge and Elder Moangare to lunch at Spurs, a local restaurant with American Indian decor.  
Elder Moangare spent several months in Grahamstown so asked us about some of the members up there.  He is from the Kiribati, (Gilbert Islands) and hopes to go to  BYU Hawaii after his release from the mission in May.   
After lunch we went to the airport and Tom picked up the elder's mail.  Then we came home and called them to collect it.  The post usually comes on Thursday but since yesterday was a national holiday, it arrived today.  Tom took some of the post over to the Sherberts and they will deliver it in outlying areas.  The Lorraine Elders picked up the post for the missionaries in P.E.  Since the post office workers are on strike, it takes longer for our South African missionaries to get their post.  Teachers have been on strike.  Many schools have been closed.  Some S.A. judges are on strike now even though that's unconstitutional.  Evidently they have not been paid.
Elder Slabbert, Bianca and Elder Strauss

We had an excellent discussion with Bianca.  She asked why Mormons believe that there is three heavens when her Afrikanner church teaches that there is only one?  The elders read several scriptures and explained that if you are more valiant than another it is only fair that you receive a higher reward.  I mentioned that people will find themselves in the place that they are most comfortable with like minded souls.  We will meet with her again tomorrow before the Relief Society Birthday Party.   
Elder Stokoe and I plan to go out to Cleary Branch Sunday to see if there is anyone interested in PEF.  Then we will drive to Uitenhage to meet with Bishop Bray and the youth that indicated an interest in the "planning for success" class.  Eleven signed up when we were there last week.  Five others indicated an interest when we visited Kwamagaxi Ward.  We will see how many actually follow through.
          The P.E. elders are teaching South Africa's official Woman's rugby team, one of which is a member.  The entire team live near the Walmer chapel.  Six came to church last Sunday.  As the team is playing China this weekend none will be in church tomorrow.  The new branch in Motherwell is on fire.  They had six baptisms last Sunday.  
Thandi, Karen and Herman Van Thiel at the Fourie's Party.

We spent yesterday afternoon celebrating national Heritage day among the beautiful  people.   Last night we saw "The African Passion" at the Opera House.  The black who portrayed Christ wore his hair in long dreadlocks.  The costumes were interesting.  Rather than traditional robes, characters wore mid-calf pants and simple tops in brown, orange and red.  Christ's had red pockets.   The choirs were positioned on stairways on each side of the stage.  The production ended with the crucifixion but did not include anything about Christ's resurrection.  Everyone participating in the finale which was the happy clappy music which is popular in black churches here.   This style of worship is called "charismatic" where the congregation claps, sings, shouts hallelujah and sways to the gospel music.    

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