Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thanks from Grahamstown Branch

Saturday, 02 March 2013

Dear Elder and Sister Stokoe,

We, the missionaries assigned to the Grahamstown Branch in the Cape Town, South Africa Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are sad that you have been transferred.  We, Elders Khumalo and Von Brughan, arrived at the same time as you did in December and we, Eders Myende and Cobabe, arrived only eleven days ago.

However, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your kindness towards us.  You have acted in loco parentis, which we appreciate greatly.  You have helped to keep us on our toes and gone out of your way to look after us.

We particularly appreciate the Sunday DA's that you invited us to in your home.  You know that missionaries are always hungry and you succeeded in looking after our inner men in a most generous way.

We enjoyed the outing with you to Sister Audrey Thomas's farm.  Thank you for the meal in town yesterday after our District meeting at the chapel.  lThank you for all the cookies and juices on many occasions that we have met.  We will miss you.  Your sincere brothers in Christ,
Elders Myemde, Von Brughan, Khumalo and Cobabe


Elder & Sister Stokoe,

In your absence today, we acknowledge your devoted and humble service to us as or Senior Couple during the interregnum between the departure of Branch President & Sister Nye on Sunday 2 Dec- ember, the calling and setting apart of Zukani Budaza as Branch resident by President Wood on Sunday 27 January and during February, while watching over the settling-in period of the new Branch Presidency.

You have been generous with your time and your spiritual and temporal gifts.  We have got to know and love you in the three months that you have spent with us and we are going to miss you a great deal.

It would be impossible to remember everything you have done for us.  But, in particular, we recall the excellent Christmas programme prepared by Elder Stokoe on Sunday 23 December, the lovely talk on "Children of Light in Africa" by Sister Stokoe on Sunday 30 December, the valuable talk to priesthood brethren on Ordinances necessary for Salvation by Elder Stokoe on Sunday 3 February and by Sister Stokoe's acting as greeter to all comers at Sacrament meetings.

We recollect with gratitude your regular attendance on Tuesday nights at Branch Presidency and Branch Council meetings, on Friday mornings at Missionary District meetings, on Friday afternoons when Sister Stokoe taught Institute, on Friday nights at Missionary Correlation meetings and on Saturdays when you arranged and attended activities for members.

We note the many acts of service you gave to the chapel, the members and the missionaries.  Most of these were of the small and simple things that President Boyce, 1st Counsellor in the Mission Presidency, spoke about in Sacrlament meeting last Sunday.  We are so grateful to you for all of these.

Signed on the 3rd day of March, 2013 by the following members of the Branch:  Claudia Sheiff,
Tesh (Thembakazi Kabane) center between two friends

Remie & Soloman Johnson

Alan P. Bamford

Bulewa Kewuti, Wendy Kewuti, Amanda Ntlanjen & Sister Kewuti

Zukani Budaza, Khaya Ketani, Dumisani Payi, Claudia Sheiff, Aviwe Petsha, Christebella Mhonda, Ndemogbe Juana,  Remie V. Johnson, Solomon N. Johnson,  Bulewa Kewuti, Sheilla Valindly, Amanda Ntlanjeni, Siphokazi Nontyi, Malibongwe Mbelu, Thembinkosi Nontyi, Wendy Kewuti, Vuyisekamagadla, Elder Sabelo Kahumalo, Elder David Cobabe, Elder Nhlakanipho Myende, Elder Sabastian Von Brughan, Alan P. Bamford.

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