Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

    We are back in P.E. today trying solve some PEF problems.  Tom said,  "We need our son Brian!  He knows more about processing loans than we do!"  We failed to get some documents signed when we were here last.  Michael Tosie's application to Driver's Licence School was denied.  PEF has dropped the program.   Today we have some soft wear problems.  Gary Laak will come at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow to help.

    We arrived in P.E. Sunday afternoon during a huge thunderstorm which knocked out many of the electronic gates here including the one at Stethan Place.   Our neighbour Peter Clark, handles such problems.  He reported that he is waiting for parts.  His wife is having trouble sleeping at night knowing that our gate is wide open.  We enjoyed Sister Sherbert Valentine's Party. She served chicken cardon blu, salad, mashed potatoes and cheese cake.  It is good to get together with the two P.E. couples each month. I'll host a dinner in March.  Alan Balmford's feeds our missionaries when we are out of town on Sunday night.
   Monday we stopped at the Stake Centre to pick up Evan Wright's book, "Part 2 of the Cape Town Mission History" from the library.  Sister Ek gave me keys and the code to the security system in the building.  But the electronic gate there only opened 4 feet.  Just wide enough to walk thru it.  Tom set off the security alarm in the building when we finally got into the building.  When the armed guard arrive, we explained what happened and showed him the gate problem.  But another company was responsible for that. While waiting for the gate repairman the security guard asked Tom about our church.  This man lives in Motherwell and is not happy with the church he has been attending.  He said all they do there is fight and argue.*  Tom quoted a scripture, "Mine house is a house of order" and told him about our church.  The man was interested.  So I gave him a pass along card and Elder S. took his cell number and referred him to the missionaries.  Brother Filifili has just been called to lead a group of  30 in Motherwell.  Four young missionaries have been assigned to open up this township. 

The gate repairman arrived.  Security left and Tom opened up the building.  But had to call Bishop Spear to locate the circuit breaker.   The repairman switched out the battery in the gate and took the old one out to be recharged.  Now that gate opens and closes properly and President Neko will not have to deal with that problem.  As Monday is our p-day, we went to Walmar Mall and saw "Argo."  We saw the movie "Lincoln" last week.  Both are excellent.  

 We left for Grahamstown early Tuesday as the elders had scheduled a service project at  the Thomas farm which will be sold next month.   Because of three previous car accidents, our missionaries cannot travel into the veld without us.   On the way the AP's called to informed us that our missionaries were supposed to be in East London for a Zone Conference that night.  We left the farm at 2:00 p.m. in order to make the meeting but have scheduled two more days to finish up at the farm.

Tuesday night we attended a branch correlation meeting that lasted from 5:30 until 8:00 p.m.  Then the presidency visited the branch mission leader who has been AWOL for several weeks.  He promised to show up Friday and conduct the missionary correlation meeting.   The presidency gave this man's sister a priesthood blessing as she is having health issues.

The Valentine's Dance on Saturday is being held in order to help our young adults hook up.   President Bazada wants both his unmarried counsellors to attend the dance.  Khaya was scheduled to work until I talked to my land lady who is very particular about her garden.  She likes being on hand when Khaya works but is only here on Saturday.  Since Lalita had seen his picture with the new presidency in the Grahamstown newspaper, she knew about his new responsibilities and agreed to have him come on Monday.  I explained that we are trying to build leadership in Africa.  Tom and I went to Mackro and purchased baked beans, fruit mix, melee, powder for drinks and all the paper products we need for the party.  President Bazada is a sound engineer and he will take care of the music.  Nathan Johnson and Tish will emcee.   The dance begins at noon.   

The presidency, Tom and Alan Blamford visited  Brother Badaza at the jail on Saturday.  He is now a cook and eats better.   Alan reported that he looks good.  This man is teaching the gospel to his fellow inmates and needs some church material.  He will be up for parole in 18 months.  He asked if Sister Audrey Thomas could pick up his wife and two daughters and take them to church on occasion..    We will be back in Grahamstown Friday afternoon for Institute and missionary correlation meeting at 7:30 p.m.  We were sad to hear that Oscar Pistorius, our S.A. runner.  He participated in the London Olympics.  Evidently he shot and killed his girl friend early this morning.  

*P.S.  Article in the Herald on Feb. 18th, entitled "Unholy dispute."  The legal wrangle over the control and name of the Motherwell Presbyterian Church of Africa is among a recent string of church feudes to hit media headlines.  The Motherwell church has been embroiled in a six-year legal battle over control of the church . . . The stand-off resulted in police being summoned to the Motherwell church when a riot ensued. . ."

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