Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Transfers

 It feels like we live in an alternate universe when we hear about the cold in Utah.  It's summer and hot here in South Africa.  We love being busy and feel that we are making a difference.   It's fun having a town house in Port Elizabeth and a country flat in Grahamstown.  We are back and forth between the two, sometimes three times a week.  Friday we attended district meeting with our Port Elizabeth missionaries and took them out and bought them lunch.  An hour later it was drove back to Grahamstown for Institute at 4:00 p.m. We arrived only a few minutes before the class began.   Elder S. had two meetings that lasted until after 9:00 p.m.  

As we forgot to pick up the elder's new credit cards we had to made a quit trip to P.E.  Sunday afternoon to collect them from the Sherberts before hosting a dinner for our missionaries and Brother Alan at 7:00 p.m.  We feed them every Sunday night at 7:00 and then we all share a spiritual thought.  

Monday we inspected two Grahamstown flats.  Then we picked up Aya. There was an accident on the N2 which delayed us but we arrived in Port Elizabeth about 1:00 p.m. and had lunch at "Fish Tails" in Sunridge Park.  Aya's watch had broken so Tom bought him another at Walmar Mall.  Since it was P-day we considered seeing a movie but we were all rather tired so came home and napped. At 6:30 we drove Aya to the flat on Nugget to stay with Elder's Hixson and Knoni who serve in Cleary Branch.  Elder Knoni was in Grahamstown when Aya was preparing for his mission and they often went on splits together.  They are fast friends.  Tomorrow morning we will collect Aya and put him on a plane for Cape Town where he will be set apart for his mission to Johannesburg.

This morning we inspected our four flats here in P.E.  Transfers are tomorrow.  Elder Cobabe who has been serving in Cleary Estates will come to Grahamstow to replace Elder Olyabo who has been transferred to Kwanobuthle in P.E.   Cobabe is a hard worker and we are glad to have him in Grahamstown.  Elder Critchfield will fly to Cape Town where he will meet  his parents.  They will tour the mission and go to Addo Elephant Park and then on to Kruger Game Reserve near Johannesburg before returning home to Springville.  Elder Swenson is being transfered to Cape Town.

Aya will be set apart by President Wood before flying to Johannesburg.  He is such a devout, hard working young Elder.  His family are such an asset to the Branch.  His parents divorced when Aya was seven.  Sister Ketani and her twins were baptised in 2011.  Wendy, an older daughter, joined the church in December.  She has no husband but her little son was named and blessed at that time.   Aya has befriended five young neighbor boys who cannot be baptised because none of their parent are members. They come to church every Sunday and attend all the activities walking 45 minutes each way.   President Wood advised the missionaries not to baptise any of them unless an adult member of the family joins as well.   Wendy the oldest sister was baptised in December.  She talked on prayer at Aya's farewell on Sunday.   Bulelwa Kentani, Aya's twin sister, completed my planning for success workshop.  She is preparing for her mission and attends Institute.  

Saturday Elder Stokoe and the new branch presidency will attend a quarterly audio followed by leadership training in the afternoon on Saturday.  We are returning to P.E. next Monday for a dinner with the Boyces (who replaced the Fowers), the Sherberts and the Van Sickles.  

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