Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 8th - Institute and Missionary Correlation

I was surprised that so many students showed up to register for Institute.  I condensed the first three lessons into one so we are now in line with all the other classes church wide.  Good news, "The Life and Teachings of Jesus & His Apostles" is the text book.  I took this class from LeAnn Meads and Judy Smith and brought the book with me.  It's excellent. 
Nauvoo Badaza and daughter

The nine students who registered include Aviwe Petsha who teaches a 12-17 Sunday School class;  Thembakazi Kabane, (YSA president and Gospel Doctrine Teacher);  Ayabwlela Kewuti, (Young Men's President); his twin sister Bulelwa Kewitti, who is  preparing to serve a mission.  Amanda Ntlanjeni (Branch Missionary), Nkosikhena Mali (Branch Missionary), Siphokazi Mazimba, (Relief Society President), Claudia Sheriff (Teaches Seminary);  Nauvoo Badaza, wife of President Badaza.  She is pictured above. 

Everyone who attended Institute at 4:00 p.m. stayed to attend missionary correlation at 7:30 However our four missionaries did not show.  Elder S. called them. They said that since the Branch Mission Leader in charge of the meeting, had gone inactive, they were not coming.  Elder Stokoe told them, in know uncertain terms, to get over to the church. That we never cancel meetings because someone has gone inactive.  There were were eight people there waiting for the meeting to begin.  

Elder Stokoe started the meeting on time and conducted.  He led the music and called upon me to give the opening prayer.  He talked on what we had learned at Zone meeting that morning.   The missionaries finally arrived. It was the largest missionary correlation meeting we have held to date.   We learned that the press release on our new Branch Presidency had appeared in the newspaper.  Lionel said people had been asking about the church.  Hopefully lots of investigators will attend the Valentines Dance at noon next Saturday as the time and address of the church appeared in the article.  

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