Thursday, February 14, 2013

Neil's New Job

Mom and Dad,

I took a job offer yesterday from another medical device company named Zimmer. I will be selling biologic products and total joints that are used in orthopedic reconstruction surgery. It has been a long time coming and I am glad to finally make a change. 

It is awesome to see all of the things that Dad said in the blessings he gave me before you guys left come to life. It will be a secure position that will allow Corrine to stay home with the baby. They have products that will be fun to sell and I will be working with a great team of guys. I'm excited about the new opportunity. Also, it will be a Salt Lake territory so I won't have to drive as much. Thanks for all of your service, we are reaping the rewards of what you are doing in Africa. God definitely hears our prayers and answers them in his own time. Thanks for you do. 

Much love,


On 14 Feb 2013, at 11:02 AM, Diane Stokoe <> wrote:

Congratulations!  Your prayers for a job in the SLC area have been answered.  I felt bad about our PEF assignment and being in "the flat that know body wanted."  Little did I realise that in the course of finding another, the mission would be blessed with furnishings for four other boardings including bunk beds for the elders. Nor could I have foreseen that the flat at Versailles would be burglarised.  Or that we would be eventually be assigned to help out in Grahamstown.  "The Lord moves in a mysterious way."  Keep up the good work and Happy Valentine's Day.  Love, Mom   

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