Saturday, June 15, 2013

Update - June 15 & Farley Cousins Photo

I spent yesterday getting the couch and chairs steam cleaned, washing bedding and getting the flat ready for the visitors who will arrive next Tuesday.  I could have had Jessica take care of this but I needed something to do as I've been laying around all week trying to stay warm.  We did not go to district meeting yesterday as the Van Sickles went to East London along with the Hendersons (who are introducing the 12 step program for those suffering from addictions all over our mission.) Tom had to switch out cars for Brother V as he drove ours to East London. Tom delivered up Elder V.'s old car yesterday in exchanged for a new one.  (It had sustained damage as he was rear ended in East London a few weeks ago.)  

The Van Sickles have just returned from their 36 year old son's wedding in the Manti temple to a 35 year old 4th grade teacher.  They will relocate in Texas where he has a job.  They reported that after living in Africa, Utah looked really good to them.  Brother & Sister Van Sickle are from Mappleton will be released in late August.  Brother & Sister Chase also returned to Utah for a May wedding.  The youngest daughter (of nine) married a young man she met just before they left for their mission in March.  They married in the Ogden Temple.  The Chases were so tired with all the wedding festivities and the long flight back to P.E. that they both fell asleep driving back to Grahamstown.  Their car wandered into the oncoming lane and crashed into a guard rail.  Luckily there was no oncoming traffic.  Neither were injured  but the car needed repairs.

Since Tom left our GPS under the front seat, we are without direction and so cannot go to Motherwell to meet with the newly baptised.    Elder S. spent two hours at Checkers yesterday buying tickets for the Grahamstown Arts Festival which opens at the end of the month and runs thru July 7th.  

Luckily the college students are out for winter break so I did not have to get a substitute for my Institute class.  President and Sister Wood will be here for Zone Conference on Wed.  I'll teach the following week and then take the week after off as we will be in Grahamstown.  Today I'm trying to round up several "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlets for my young women.   I may have to order some from Johannesburg.  We enjoyed a nice dinner with the Lorraine Missionaries at Sister Susan Ranks home last night.  She is a wonderful cook and has been very kind to us.  She divorced her doctor husband last fall.  Her daughter lives in Johannesburg and her son is leaving for Australia.    

We will be released from our mission in Cape Town exactly four months from today.  We will then fly to Istanbul to meet up with the "Fun For Less" tour of the Holy Land.  We should be back in SLC  November 4th or 5th.  Thanks Laraine for the photos of Wes's funeral.  It was fun seeing all my Farley cousins.  Love and Blessings, Sister S.

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