Monday, June 24, 2013

Missionaries on the Go! - Saturday, June 22

 At 5:00 p.m. Saturday evening we met Sifudiso, our young Xhosa speaking fellow shipper, at Sister Sneke's house for a follow up lesson.  After securing the dogs, she and her son welcome us into her home in Motherwell.  She had invited three of her non member neighbors to join us.  Thankfully they all spoke English.  We discuss the gospel with these women one of which, Silvia, is the wife of a local preacher.  Sister Sneke was happy to have us share the gospel with her neighbours despite the fact that she herself can speak very little English.  At 6:30 the missionaries stop in to see how we are doing.  They discovered that they have acquired three more investigators.
Saturday morning we had four flats in Port Elizabeth to inspect between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. as transfers are Wednesday.
Prospect is a nice flat but too small for four elders.

(Update:   We bought two mirrors to replace the broken pieces of glass that the elders were using.  Elder's Martin and Zarbock were packing when we arrived as they fly home tomorrow.  As mirrors must be installed by each landlord, we called Neil Fourie over to represent his dad who is in England until mid July.  I made a list of the needed repairs which included hanging the new mirrors.  I told Neil that I had discussed this with his father several weeks ago but the molding has yet to be installed, the roof still leaks and the filter system had not been connected.  All these problems constitutes a health hazard. Neil promised to resolve the problems as soon as possible.  He was as good as his word,  They have been taken care of and the flat was in good order for the new incoming elders.)
We rented this flat in November and it has yet to be completed.

Elder Cossey must boil his water as the filter system there still has not been has installed.  Worse the pipes under the sink are leaking and mold is growing there.  Sealer was applied last time we visited to prevent water damage to the walls when it rains.  However the elders are still getting wet.

When we inspected this flat several weeks I brought Kevin Fourie, the landlord in is to see what was needed.  He said he was embarassed and promised to make the needed repairs.  However nothing has been done.  Brother Faurie is now on vacation.  I have his two children in Institute.  How do I resolve this without offending the him?  Kevin has many building projects going on at the same time in his complex.   He is a counselor in the bishopric and a nice guy but he has ADAH.  Evidently he did not remember what he promised to do for this flat.

At 10:00 a.m. we went next door to the church to meet with Elder and Sister Sherbert (standing) the S & I senior couple.  President Palmer teaches seminiary.  His oldest daughter Eryn is in my Institute class. Sister Pegal and the black women also teach seminary in Lorraine and P.E. wards.
Elder & Sister Sherbert, S & I missionaries.  President Palmert, who has five daughters, teaches seminary in Lorraine.  Eryn Palmer is in my Institute class.  Sister Pegal and the black sister also teach.

12:00 noon we attend a baptism in Kwana Magxaki Ward for five new members of Motherwell Group
Paul Zandile Qakamfanza, 28 year old male, Olonwabo & Sammy, 8 year old girls, Thozoma Kondle, 20 & Asisipho 14

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