Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Medical Update

I've been suffering from a prolapsed uterus for some time so we were granted an early release date--Oct. 15th--to take care of it.  However the problem grew worse so I had a hysterectomy last week and I'm feeling much better now.  I should have had this vaginal procedure some months ago but what did I know?  I thought I would need extensive surgery.  The medical facilities here in Africa are as good or better than in the U.S. and I had excellent care.  The nurse who admitted me came back to verify my age.  The doctors were surprised to discover how old I am.  I told them "It's the result of clean living and good genes.'

A nurse came by every hour to check my blood pressure and give me pain medication which they insisted I take but I did not need.  I had a priesthood blessing the night before and was told that things would go well and I'd recover quickly. The cleaning women were always on the job and I enjoy their singing in the morning.  Two or three gospel songs to start the day.  It was a good time to be out of commission as there isn't much happening with PEF. We graduated 18  "Planning for Success" students in April and May and not one has applied for a PEF loan as yet.

My mother's little brother, Weston Legrand Farley, died last week and his funeral is today (June 12th.)   I've been recalling the cruises we went on with my Farley relatives -- to the Eastern and Western Caribbean, to the Mediterranean and another through the Panama Canal.  Several were paid for by my Uncle Merrill Farley.  What a blessing it has been to have had such loving caring relatives.   I spent last weekend just lying around and reading "Doctrines of Salvation" which I ordered through  I did not know they would ship to Africa until Jan sent me five books via Amazon last month.  I felt good enough to teach my Sunday School class and the Young Women last Sunday.  It is such a blessing to have these two teaching assignments and be able to share gospel to those who "know not God nor the purpose for which they are here on earth." 

My June 9th Sunday School Class included Asanda Mdledle, age 17; Asisipho Kondlo, a 14 year old non member; Sinesipho Robiyana, 16.  She has been a member for two years so I asked her to be the class president.  (Which may have been a mistake as she called upon Jama to pray and he did not know how to.) Sinozo Flekie, holding her little brother, is 16. Fourteen year old Sola Jama on the end is an investigator.
Wendy Lamdu, age 17, was baptised on May 4th but has not been attending.  The missionaries will visit her this week.

 I enjoyed talking to Matt on his birthday (June 10) and hearing about the expansionof Oil Well.  They expect to move into the new building on July 1st.    We went to dinner to celebrate Elder Van Sickles birthday on Monday night-- at a Chinese Restaurant on the Boardwalk in down town Port Elizabeth.  Yesterday Tom drove up to Grahamstown to collect Alan Bamford and we saw "Sounds of South End" The musical (about Port Elizabeth) at the Savoy Theatre.  There was lots of music from the 60's which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Today Tom is driving Alan back to Grahamstown.  He will stop at Motherwell on his way home for correlation meeting at 3:00 p.m.   I'm teaching Institute tonight at 7:00 p.m. and there is lots to cover as Tom only got thru Chapter 29 last week.   We are getting a substitute for Institute next week as it's Zone Conference and we are meeting with the Woods and the other Senior couples that evening.

Elder S. with some friends from Motherwell Township

P. S. Alan reported that Grahamstown Branch has fallen back into old habits of starting late.  The four missionaries have been sleeping in and have been arriving late.  Even President Budaza has not been getting there in time to start the meeting at 9:00 a.m.  This distresses Alan Bamford, a proper Englishman, and the only white man in the branch.   President Wood called everyone to task last week and told the missionaries to get there early enough to prepare the sacrament and start the meeting on time even if the branch president has not arrived.  Grahamstown is the only place I know of that has this

Our four P.E. ward missionaries are always out greeting people before out 8:00 a.m. meeting begins.   We attend two sacrament meetings every Sunday.  Our Motherwell Elders are always standing in the parking lot welcoming people when we arrive.    Motherwell Group Leader Zitsu always starts the meeting at 10:00 a.m. and admonishes the people to be on time.  Although many were late last Sunday due to the weather.  June 1st is the beginning of winter and it lasts through the end of August.  With no central heating it's very cold at night.  However, the days are usually warm and sunny. We use blankets and space heaters to stay comfortable.  September marks the beginning of spring but it's so cold in the mornings that everyone must "layer up" to keep warm during the meetings.  The brethren of P.E. Ward all wear dark sweaters under their suit coats which make them look like the pastors since the only  white you looks like a cleric collar.

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