Friday, September 7, 2012

September 4 - East London

   We are in a nice flat overlooking a valley in the Hazy Ridge Retirement Center at #9 Swallow Lane in Gonubie, East London, South Africa.  President and Sister Woods stay in this “visitors flat” when they visit here.  There are 60 units in this nicely landscaped gated community.  I practice Zumba in the recreation center which is through our back gate next to the swimming pool and a barbeque.  Brother and Sister Fowers are down the street in flat #54.  The ocean is just a couple of miles away and there are beautiful beaches where you can collects lots of shells.  We went to dinner with the Fowers Monday night.  When they asked about our agenda, I explained that we had not booked anything but hoped to present PEF Orientation Firesides in all 11 units during the month of September.    

     Yesterday we had a 10:00 meeting with Brother Gary Human, the PEF Director in the East London Stake who is also 1st Councilor in the Stake Presidency.  He also serves as the Director of Seminaries and Institutes for the stake.  We met with him and his secretary Merita Chamberlain.  We know her two sons who are attending Nelson Mendela University as they are also in P.E. ward.  Gary was delighted that we will be here for the stake’s youth conference which will be held on September 16th.  He asked us to speak on the importance of getting a good education .   Gary handed  us a stake calendar and then, very enthusiastically, scheduled PEF firesides in all the wards and branches during the month of September.  The last will be held in Queenstown on September 30th.   What a blessing to have his help.  He will be attending most of them with us    

     On October 1st we will go to Port Alfred for whale watching, another senior missionary activity, and then we can call Cape Town to see if they need help with the PEF program there.  I understand the work load picks up in November as our students begin to reapply for funds for another year of study.  We have also been asked to train the PEF teachers here so Elder S. has been reworking his Power Point Presentation to include additional information.  That’s our update.  Sister S.       

Tom's E-mail,  Subject: Hair

Hi Corinne & Laraine:

Regarding hair:  Sister S. and I got our Hair cut 4 days ago.  She was trimmed and I was butchered.  We told the hair stylist we like it long, just trim a little.  As a result Sister S. now looks like a French poodle and I look like I did the day I entered the Army and received the 10 second buzz.  If Ron’s hair can grow back after chemotherapy then ours can grow back after two months. 

We are now in East London for a month.  I signed up for a radio/internet connection using the little thumb drive you affix to the laptop.  If it works then you will receive this e-mail.  Let me know if you receive this then I’ll know we can communicate.  Aloha, Elder Stokoe, the Semi-Bald Eagle.

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