Friday, September 21, 2012

Missionary Moments

 Silverdale School, Sept 17th & Zone Conference on Sept. 14th.

    Yesterday was special.  Elder McDonald’s parents arrived from the U.S. bearing gifts for a rural school out in the bush.  Silverdale Public is in what used to be the pineapple fields.  But  the Pineapple plant closed and everyone lost their jobs.  Ninety percent of the parents in that area are unemployed.  They survive by growing gardens and receiving small grants from the government.  This school reminded me of a school we visited when we took gifts to a school in the highlands of Peru.  The children were lined up in front of the school when we arrived.  They began singing when they saw us.  One of the songs was a prayer to God which they sing each morning before school begins. They sang with their eyes closed. 

     The McDonald family handed out school supplies which members of their ward had helped to provide.  The children also received eight soccer balls.  The kids were delighted and smiled their thanks.  Sister Fowers met Principal Mpinimc when she was at Phakamile Elementary exploring the possibility of setting up a computer lab.  He had asked if there was something the mission could do for his school as well.  Sister Luci mentioned this in an e-mail to the McDonald's.  When they came to pick up their son they brought four suitcases full of supplies.  We donated additional items for the teachers.  It felt so good.  Everyone at the school was so appreciative. I wish all of you could have been there. I  visited with Mveliswa Lungani, the administrative clerk.  He said “You are God’s hands.  You have blessed our lives.”  Mveliswa was raised in this community, attended school here and loves working with these children.  Although a Methodist, Principal Mpinimcis has taken some of our missionary lessons and has a Book of Mormon.  It was such a blessing to participate in this activity.  Elder McDonald is making a video and I took pictures for him.

     Friday we enjoyed Zone Conference at the Stake Center with the young missionaries last Friday.  They really strengthen our testimonies.  It’s such a blessing to be among them.  Many are new, only a week or two in the field.   But we know some of the others who were transferred from the Port Elizabeth area.  Singing the mission anthem with them is always such  a thrill.  

    Today we got a text message from our missionaries inviting us to go to Adoo Elephant Reserve with them on October 1st.  But alas, we are already scheduled to join the other seniors for a whale watching activity in Port Alfred. We missed the PEF Conference Call today as the Fowers land line was down.  Tonight our Telkom 3 G drive is working so I’m able to write this e-mail. Non functioning happens a lot here in Africa.  

    We will leave with Gary Human at 1:30 p.m. Sep. 26 for a PEF Fireside in Umtata. It’s a 3 hour drive.  
Lucky Cape Town approved our buying 4 new tires today. We’ve had two flats in the last few days and will need to cover many more miles so it’s good to be safe.  Love and Blessings,  Sister S.

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