Friday, September 7, 2012

Assignment in East London

Glad we felt impressed to spend September in East London.  Brother Human just confirmed our PEF Fireside schedule and other assignments:

From:   Gary Human (
Sent: Thu 9/06/12 11:06 AM

Dear Bishops in the north, President Mbilase, and President Mjiba

Please read this letter that I sent to the Southern Unit bishops today. .  The satellite fireside with Elder Holland falls away but the PEF part remains.  The wards and branches outside East London will have these PEF firesides at their own chapels.  This will allow us to have a much better attendance at the PEF firesides.  If parents, including our YSA who have non-member parents would like to attend they are welcome.  It will also save the stake taxi transportation money.  The fireside is about an hour long.

The dates and details are as follows:
1.       Sada Ward:                           Saturday, 8 September                 2.00 pm
2.       KWT Ward                           Sunday, 9 September                    After Church services
3.       Ilinge Branch                          Wednesday, 19 September         3.30 pm
4.       Mthatha Branch                      Wednesday, 26 September         6.30 pm
5.       Queenstown Ward                 Sunday, 30 September                  After Church services

Respectfully yours

Gary Human  

From: Gary Human []
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2012 12:19 PM
To: Kevin Kaschula (
Cc: Duane D. J. Bell (; Elder and Sister Stokoe (
Subject: YSA "BIG FIRESIDE" Sunday 16 SEPTEMBER 2012

Dear Bishop

September is a strategic month each year in gearing up to meet medium and long range welfare goals.  How so?  This is the month that we need to get our YSA really focused on their plans for a secure and prosperous future (LDS values oriented).  To this end the September “BIG FIRESIDE” will include a great presentation on the need for education / vocational training for our South African job market and Perpetual Education Fund as a (final choice) funding option. 

The PEF presentation will be made (power point) by Elder and Sister Stokoe, the Cape Town Mission couple dedicated to providing that service throughout the mission.  They’re a great missionary couple.  Both come from educators backgrounds and will make a difference in the lives of  your YSA regarding getting going and getting qualified, certified, and competitive in the SA job-market.  The national statistics that 70% of black South African women are unemployed is alarming, as are all the other stats including BEE and so forth – but here’s another reality:  There are so many unclaimed jobs for qualified people in certain sectors that these many of these posts are left unmanned or require the services of foreigners with those qualifications to staff them.  There is plenty of work in several sectors for people with qualifications.  If you have no qualifications you are classed as a labourer – and that’s where the huge unemployment in South Africa exists.  We are in position to help our people rise above this situation of hopeless and debilitating poverty.

When Elder and Sister Stokoe are done, all of us will sit back and be edified by listening to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland who will address all the YSA of the Church.  What a spiritual treat for all of us.  Then into the cultural hall for the “Munch and Mingle” session (refreshments).

To get optimum value out of this semi-annual “BIG FIRESIDE”, please pay close attention to the following points:
1.       ALL YSA and matrics are asked to attend.
2.       If there are young marrieds who need to get qualified (or get better qualified) extend a special invitation to them to attend as your ‘special guests’ as well.
3.       Thank you for attending with your YSA.  If you cannot, invite a counselor to attend as the bishopric representative.
4.       Thank you for meeting with the YSA to make sure they can all travel out to Nu 13 and be seated before 4.15 pm starting time.  Scheduled to close at 6.00 pm (with some additional time for “Munch and Mingle”).
5.       Elder and Sister Stokoe are visiting in our stake for the whole month of September and if you’d like to have them speak in your ward this month, or meet with your members, I’m sure they’d be very willing to oblige:  Call them and see if they can accommodate your request.  Make a note of their number:  083 272 1202 ( or

. . .  Elder and Sister Stokoe will be pleased to help your newly called ward Welfare Specialist to be effective in presenting the Planning for Success  workshops. 

Every person who wishes to access the PEF will have to complete the Planning for Success course before submitting their application.  Thanks for giving the “BIG FIRESIDE” a big push in your meeting announcements and various encouragements.

Respectfully yours

Gary Human

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