Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sacrament Meeting Talks on August 26th

Greetings on this Sabbath Day from South Africa:

 Today was a good day. Last Thursday evening the Port Elizabeth ward invited us to speak on “The Parable of Talents.” We appreciated the opportunity being we have never spoken in sacrament meeting since our farewell in Sandy last February. It was neat to address a congregation from the pulpit. It felt good to look down from the pulpit, see the faces of the members, and share principles of the gospel as taught by the Savior. Sister S. did an excellent job applying principles in the parable to everyday life.

 My address was centered on analysis and doctrine. At the conclusion of sacrament meeting one of the brothers whom we have been visiting in his home over the past six weeks said to me. “I could tell you enjoyed being up there.” I replied, “Yes, I feel right at home. It’s the school teacher in me.” The truth is I could enjoy speaking in sacrament meeting every Sunday. I came to Africa prepared with 17 speeches of which the Parable of Talents was not one of them.

 Now I have 18 and if I am called to speak on adversity, adding Mark Kent’s speech would give me 19. It’s really fun to be at the pulpit. I miss the Utah Polynesian Choir and speaking from the pulpit in wards from Payson in the south to Bountiful in the north. So if the choir performed 12 times September through May, I got to speak 12 times in Sacrament meeting. It was fun and I enjoyed it and I appreciate the directors of the choir giving me the opportunity.

 As soon as sacrament meeting was over we left for Kwamagxaki ward to deliver some volleyball equipment and give the elders stationed there new petrol credit cards. Then on to Cleary ward to attend a 1:30 pm fireside on how ward members can be involved in missionary work. Then back home and preparing dinner for a birthday celebration for Sister Van Sickle. We hosted the Van Sickles and Taylors. The dinner was good – lasagna, green tossed salad, bread, and strawberry shortcake. Later Elders Balmforth and Cowey came over and gave their report on finding a new family to teach which was exciting news. The gospel is true and we are enjoying being here. We are settled in our new flat which is really nice. We have been blessed to find this 3 bedroom place and to obtain nice furniture thanks to the Bannister family emigrating to Canada. It has been a good day.

Elder Stokoe

An E-mail from Laraine Kent quoting a work mate at Salt Lake Community College:

When I got to work this morning, Rosemary Bingham said to me, “I missed your brother-in-law this past weekend!”  How did that happen, I replied.  Rosemary always attends the Skyline High School football games with her husband, the principal.  As the game began, she missed your announcement.  She said the new person was just not Tom!

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