Monday, October 7, 2013

P.E.'s People & Places

There are hundreds of churches in
Port Elizabeth
Containers make a great place of business in the townships.
Tom's favorite activity was catering Zone Conferences
Mine was getting a massage.  Rose found the pinched nerve that
  was causing my hip flexer problem which sometimes caused me to stumble.

 Rose owns Sabai Massage.  Doctors frequently refer their patients to her.
We loved seeing all the  interesting hair styles

Sister  Palmer just had her sixth knee surgery
  The flowers were beautiful but not from us.

This church is next to the compound where the Palmers live.
 I've often wondered what they store in  "The Store House Church."
My neighbor started a church and invited me to his bible study class.

Cosco ships whatever they cannot sell in the U.S. to South Africa.
Their containers sometimes become part of other buildings.

These sister  share the primary school with our branch.
Religion is big here.  Some of the churches have congregations of thousands.

We visit teach Ngaleleka Thandekile
who serves as young women's president

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