Monday, October 7, 2013

Last Week in P.E.

New Relief Society Presidency  Sister Gomba 1st counselor,
Sister Mzini President & Sister Sneke, 2nd counselor
Lots of excitement in the branch yesterday with releases and several new callings:  Sister Cwele, who served as Relief Society President for ten months, was released,  then called to teach the temple preparation class for the people going to the temple in November.  President Zitsu announced the engagement of Siyabonga Willie and Felecia Mzini and suggested other young adults ought to follow suit.  Cute Nikki got up and looking directly at Bushle and other single men, pointed to her finger and said, "Listen up guys.  I don't have a ring on my finger yet!"  
Nikki in red with other singles in the Branch

Buzelwa Norongo bore her testimony and told everyone she had just gotten something she had wanted all her life.  She thanked us and the good Lord that she finally has her national I.D number.  Sister Mzini said she has prayed for years for a husband for her only child and now she is engaged.   Siyabonga Willie followed up by saying how much his life has changed after getting baptised.  He has a great job and a wonderful wife when they get married on November 30th. Various others thanked us for our service to the branch.

As it has been my desire to help two young men and two young women in Motherwell before we leave on the 14th, so I told the Mdledles we would pay for their number two daughter to continue her studies at NMU until she can qualify for a PEF loan after the first of the year. 

Today we shipped our last package off using surface mail.  We will begin packing the suitcase we are shipping air freight which will leave one suitcase and one carry on each for our trip.  We had two suitcases we don't need so we are sending both on missions.  One goes to Stefundiso and the other went to Bulelwa.  We got this e-mail from her today:
Bulelwak Kewuti is Aya's twin sister.
He is serving a mission in Johannesburg.

"Dearest Elder and Sister Stokoe, this is Bulelwa Kewuti in Grahamstown. I know you still remember me,  I never had the chance to tell you how thankful I am for the suitcase Sister Chase told me it's from you guys. Thanks so much, by the way I recieved my mission call. I'm leaving on the 28th December I'm going to Uganda Kampala Mission, .. Thanks. Love and miss you both."                                                                                                              Bulelwa Kewuti  

We forgot to take the cell phone along while running errands and got this when we returned,

"Sister Stokoe, I tried to call you a couple of times but no answer.  We were thinking that the Zone Training would be on Wednesday but it looks like it's Thursday.  So, instead of coming Tuesday night like we'd planned, we'll now plan to see you on Wednesday.  Remind me, are we going to make the food after we get there?  If so, what time would you like us to be there?  Am I supposed to make anything before we leave?  I'm thinking you said we'd do it all there and that's why I feel so at ease about it all.  Please remind me if I'm supposed to make anything here before we come or bring cake pans or anything.  Thanks!

P.S. We're looking forward to spending time with you and Elder Stokoe and sadly realize it'll be our last time staying with you.  Thanks for your always inviting us to stay and making us feel so much at home."  With love, Sister Gardner.

We called them back to ask if we could stay overnight with them on our way to Cape Town. We will spend next Monday morning closing our Internet account (they needed a 4 week notice!!!) and transferring our rand to U.S. Dollars. Also a complicated process requiring verifications from the mission office, our credit union, a pass port and other documentation.   It's a ten hour drive to Cape Town so staying overnight with the Gardners in George makes sense.

We are going with Elders Alexander and Dale for a last visit with Phillip & Mariam Clark tonight.  We have five appointments with the recently baptised in Motherwell tomorrow.  Sister Rank has invited us to dinner Friday night.  We will say good bye to people in P.E. Ward and then speak in Motherwell next Sunday.   Then it's off to Cape Town.

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