Thursday, October 17, 2013

George & Cape Town

Mount George taken from the botanical gardens

We enjoyed spending Monday night with the Gardners
We spent most of the day Monday packing, getting one large suit case shipped air transport and two boxes sent surface mail, we had dinner and then drove to George.  It was after nine when we finally arrived in the city and the streets were very dark.

Luckily Elder Gardner called asking where we were.  He promised to meet us at Wellington Street.   He pulled up to the intersection just as we stopped for a light.  We would never have found the flat had he not been there at the right moment to guide us.

After a good night's rest we spent the morning touring.  We enjoyed the botanical gardens.

Hanna & Joseph
They drove us to the township where we met an African couple who are investigators.  He is giving up his smokes and have been attending church regularly.  George is interesting as there are very poor black people here and some very rich Afrikaners who live in beautiful homes.

One couple have a farm where they host weddings and other gatherings.  That woman made dinner for them and sent them off with food for us as well which we enjoyed before driving on to Cape Town.

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