Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Motherwell Group - A Brief History

Elders greet an investigator who will be baptised on May 26th.

May 19th - Luvuyo Ntshebte arrives to conduct the services.

Elder Luvuyo Ntshebte presided at meetings on May 19th
Motherwell Group currently meets in two classrooms with broken windows and no electricity.   However the church has contracted with this Primary School to upgrade three classrooms and toilet facilities in another wing.  The upgrading is scheduled to begin soon.

Motherwell Group began in early December, 2012 with six members and an average of 46 people who attend Sunday services.

Motherwell is an off shoot of Kwamagxaki Ward.  Consequently a member of the bishopric often visits to conducts services or to confirm new members.

On April 28th, a bus was secured to bring group members to Kwamagxaki for ward conference.  All Motherwell's baptisms are held at Kwamagxaki Ward.  Group members are encouraged to attend all Kwamagxaki's ward activities.  (Note:  In South Africa missionaries cannot baptise anyone who lives over 45 minutes walking distance from a church building.  Members living in Motherwell township hired two taxis to get to and from church each Sunday.  Consequently the need for Motherwell Group.)   

Organizations:  On May1st Brother and Sister Sherbert arrived to set up the Seminary and Institute programs and to train the teachers.  On May 9th Sister Lwele was called to be the Relief Society President and Sister Amanda Zitshu was sustained as Motherwell's first primary president.

Missionaries:  Elders Wilde and De Carvlho currently serve as missionaries in Motherwell.  Elders Tuckett and  Atina,  previously served but have since returned home.  Missionaries first came to Motherwell in mid-February, 2013.  The first baptisms were held in April.  On the 20th of that month Elder and Sister Stokoe were assigned to assist the group by Presidents Wood and Neko.  Motherwell Group could benefit from two more missionaries but they will not be sent until Motherwell becomes a branch.  Consequently the Stokoe's have been assigned to schedule follow up lessons with the newly baptised.

May 19th Meetings were presided over by Elder Ntshebte who talked on the blessings of tithing.  (Group leader Mbali Zitshuisis is a fire fighter and was at work so did not attend that day.)  Elder De Carlho taught Sunday School.  Elder Wilde taught the Priesthood class.  The Relief Society lesson included a discussion of the law of chastity and modesty.  It was mostly in the Xhosa language.  These are new principles to the women of this country.  Many have children out of wed lock. These sisters  decided that as Latter day Saints it is not fair not judge those who do not know better.  The law of chastity was unknown to many before they joined the church.  However in order to qualify for membership, they must live the law of chastity now in order to qualify to go to the temple.

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