Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family News

This past week I received these messages.  Obviously the Lord is taking good care of our family:

Hello Mother,

I am not sure if they have Mother's Day in South Africa,  but Sunday is Mother's Day.  So, A big giant happy Mother's Day to my favorite Mother.....

I have been reading your email's, and it sounds as if things are going well there for you and Thomas.  I am sure that you are probably a little frustrated with some of the cultural oddities, but it seems that you are handling them in stride.  I am not sure if the length of your mission is two years and if you are going to extend, but i think that you are well into your second year.  Before you know it, you will be making arrangements for your return back to the states.

Things here in California have been very relaxing.  I am finding that I am able to take care of business on the phone or over the internet.  These last 2 weeks I have been finalizing the details of the purchase of our new building.  We finally hammered out the final contract negotiations this morning, and all the documents have been signed and approved by all parties.  The buildings is almost 5 times the size of our current facility, so we should have plenty of room for growth.   The location is within a mile of our current location and approximately 3 blocks north of our original location.  3768 South 300 West.  Just across the street (to the west) of The salt lake community college campus on 3900 South near the traxx station.  I shall be returning to Salt Lake on May 16 and hopefully I can meet up with some of the family members for some fun time summer BBQ fun...

Well, that pretty much sums up the bulk of the excitement here.  I hope things continue to go your way.

your son,  Matthew 



Happy belated Mother's Day!  It sounds like you had a busy and fulfilling day in South Africa.  I also read Matt's information which you forwarded, and I think it's probably a good idea that he is buying a commercial building now.  There has been an interesting turn in the local real estate market, and everything seems to be selling very fast.  During the past few years, many homes in our area would sit in the 200's, and now anything that comes on the market is mid 300's, and only lasts a few days.

We went to the zoo and Ruth's Diner in Emigration Canyon for Mother's Day, and it was pretty relaxing.  The weather is nice right now, but hot with temperatures approaching 90.

Have a great week.  Love, Brian    


It was good to talk to you over mother's day, hope you guys continue to stay busy. We made it home from St George OK and had a good time. We should find out in about 3 weeks if we are having a boy or girl. Question for you, I'm trying to set up a direct payment to wells fargo for our house and need the last 4 digits of yours and dads socials, can you get that to me? Thanks, say hello to dad for us and keep up the good work! 
Love, Dave 


Dave Stokoe Realtor Century 21 Everest Realty  Group
Mobile (801)856-3848
Assistant, Jolie Breitling (801)449-3056

Sophie, Lola and Cole


Hi Mom,

. . . Ron came by the house all flusterd.  He had been working on a valve for the williamsens and after 2 hours ne could not get it working.  I went to help him but he was gone.   I understand because if I have a problem I go to someone who I thi k can help me.  I know I cant do everything.  If we ask the lord he will always listen.

 We are very busy here.  Ron helped me turn on the water here.  Two big problems.  Today I fixed 3 zones that would not work.  It turns out the mower hit the line and nicked some wires but not the wholw line.  So I pulled up the entire line and saw the nick.  I  re-routed  the new line inside the crack in the drive way to the house and into the house.   We fixed a head near the drive and chipped some concrete to enable  to spin in a head properly. . .   

  I am so busy here at the house.  As the window goes I have removed all screws and boards but it is glued in.  I have to cut out the silicone holding it to the house!  Did you have such problems when you fixed a window and removed it?

 I had a free week  of methadone.  I will only pay 3 weeks this month.  When I pass one more UA and a phone check I will get my two weeks back.  July 18th is my 2 year anniversary on the program!   Which means I can pick up  a month's supply  if I have the five UA's passed plus 2 years at this clinic.

   I saw the smile box. I am glad it works on my touchpad.  I will have to replace it soon because of all the glitches.  I am working on the Meads and our sprinklers now.  I also am doing work for Marlene Heller.   Lots of weeds this year. I have to register the blue Ford also.  So I am very busy now. I hope that all is well. Let me know if you need anything.  Love, Dean 

Hi Diane

How are you? Neil told me you've been having some health issues. Are you doing okay? Did you decide whether to have your surgery there or wait till you get back to the states?

We are doing great! Anabelle is 6 mo old and so cute! She and I just came down to St George with Nikki, Cole and Lola for a few days. We are going to have so much fun with the cousins in the warm weather. I am working from home and Neil's new job is going great. They really like him and he has already brought a lot of great business in for them. He is a hard worker and gets along really well with his co workers. I think they are really glad they hired him.

Anyway hope all is well there! When do you plan to come back? Neil said something about you guys coming home early. I am excited for you to meet Anabelle, whenever that is!

Love,  Corrine

Note: I am having a hysterectomy on June 3rd.  We will be released on October 15th.  Just in time to join the Fun For Less Tour to Holy Land from October 18 through November 4th.  We will be home for the birth of another grand baby.


More good news on May 21'

I thought I would forward this announcement on my job change here at Wells Fargo.  With the improvement in the economy and reduction in the problem loan portfolio, I am moving back to the wholesale auto side.  I will be working with many of the same people and dealers, so it should be a good fit.  Some additional money won’t hurt either.  The new office is located off 45th South near the Jordan River Parkway, so that should be nice for running.  I won’t be able to take trax anymore, but it’s closer to home and will shorten the commute.
Have a great week.  Love, Brian
From: Stalnaker, Bob S
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2013 2:54 PM
To: G=WFDS Mountain ALL; Woliver, Bobbi; Lacher, Jamie L.
Cc: Peatross, Craig W; Grantham, Craig L.; Belov, Brian; Dale, Wayne
Subject: New Mountain Region CM in Salt Lake City
Please join me in congratulating Brian Belov who has accepted the Credit Manager opening in Salt Lake City.  Brian will replace Nick Webb who is retiring after 28 years of dedicated service.
Brian has spent the last five years in CRG working with various distressed borrowers.  He is looking forward to getting back to the line and working to grow relationships.  Brian worked in the Salt Lake Dealer Services office as a Credit Manager for eight years prior to moving to CRG in 2008.  Brian continues to be a dedicated runner, and can frequently been seen running during lunch or  after work.  Brian is a graduate of BYU with a degree in Finance.

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