Saturday, January 19, 2013

E-Mail to Dean - Jan. 19th & E-mail on 26th

Thanks for keeping us up--dated and for forwarding the new drivers license and credit cards.  As special delivery takes longer than regular mail here, it's a good thing that you just sent them priority airmail. The Cape Town Mission Office sent out two license stickers for cars before the end of December, evidently special deliver. They arrived yesterday.  We were in Port Elizabeth Wednesday thru Friday paying bills and helping two PEF students.  We drove back to Grahamstown on Friday afternoon to attend a missionary correlation meeting and the Seminary and Institute orientation on Saturday.  I updated the ward bulletin board with photos of some branch activities and hung pictures of branch missionaries who are currently serving.    
We spent this afternoon cleaning the flat.   I transplanted some flowers into larger pots and trimmed a flowering tree which overhangs a walk that leads to the road where we often park.  I've been having to stoop under the heavy branches when I go up the path to open the gate.   As Edward and Lalita return from Australia tomorrow, I wanted that done before they got home.  
  Our flat is tucked away behind their big house but we have  to drive up a rather steep hill to get to the street.   Getting in and out of this driveway takes some skill but we like this flat because it's cool in the summer and will be warm in the winter.  It's located in a quiet neighbourhood.  There is very little traffic.  Our landlord hs not had a break in the 26 years he has lived here.  While several of our neighbours in P.E. had break ins during the Christmas holidays including Janette Lake who lost her lap top and some electronics.  There were no robberies at Stethan Place were our P.E. town house is located. Likely because it's an older community and less of a target. But some flats at "Versailles" where the Van Sickles live and  at "Turnberry" where the Sherberts stay, were hard hit. 

Tomorrow we are teaching another planning for success class and will feed the missionaries.  I had a turkey stored in the land lord's fridge which I expected to thaw out and use but when we went over to turn on their geezier (hot water heater) so they can shower, we found all the food in the freezer was thawing.  Don't know what's up with that.  Our turkey seemed okay but we could not take a chance on getting the elders sick so Tom gave it to a street musician.  We will serve spaghetti instead.  Thursday we are going back in Port Elizabeth for Zone Conference.  Thanks for keeping the home fires burning.  Love, Mom

January 26th Update:

Thanks for sending out the power cord.  I bought one the technician recommended but it does not work with my HP touch pad.  I will return it when we get back to P.E.  We had an incredible electric storm last night with lightening that looked like the 4th of July over Rice Eccles Stadium.  By the time we got home it was raining very hard and the electricity had gone out.  President Wood brought our mail when he came up.  One package contained the replacement credit cards you sent and the other was from John and Annette Johnson.  It contained, among other stuff, a packet of Bear River Minestrone Soup.  So I mixed up the soup before leaving at 5:30 p.m.  We returned late after taking some people back to the Township.  But the soup was still warm and tasted wonderful.   Perfect for a dark and stormy night.  Please thank them.  Today it's bright and sunny again.   Sorry about all the snow. Love, Mom

On 27 Jan 2013, at 4:29 AM, wrote:

If the car charger works for you it takes longer, 6 hours instead of 2, and you can get buy for a couple weeks great.  I  have 2 extra and will send one out on monday.  If the car charger does not charge than it is the cord.  It is a common one so just match it up.
  The round black fold up power charger is a special HP  charger and that is what  you probably need.  That is what I will send you on Monday.  If you can find one get it so you will have an extra.  If you need anything call before I ship Monday.  Take care!   Dean
-- Sent from my HP TouchPad

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