Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 22 - Visiting our missionaries families

Elder Stokoe with Julia Bawuti
On Saturday we visited the families of three Grahamstown missionaries who live in the Townships. It was so hot I almost passed out but such a rewarding experience.  Elder Lunga's mom Julia Bawuti is not a member. But Lunga's twin sister Luthando attends the Uitenhage Ward near P.E.  Sister Bawuti is so proud of her missionary son.  She told us that she expects to be baptised when her son returns.

Elder Siba's mother and father are also non-members.  His father was admitted to the hospital that morning.  He is on dialysis and has been having these treatment three times a week but has taken a turn for the worst.  She asked me to pray for her.  We did and left her feeling much more peaceful.

With Xhandi's Grandmother and Masixoli Ngesi who will leave for his mission to Uganda December 27th
Our third visit was to Elder Xhandi's Grandmother.  She is also a non-member.  She raised him when her daughter and son-in-law both died of aides.  She showed up photos of him and said she is very proud of his missionary service.

It was so hot that afternoon that I almost fainted.  I was suffering from heat exhaustion. So Tom took me to an air-conditioned restaurant and I drank three glasses of ice water so I could stop feeling light headed. What an experience to witness the faith of three young converts and to see the impact their service is having on their non-member families.  We were escorted by Masixole, the branch mission leader, who leave for his mission in Uganda in a few days.  He too is the only member of his family who is a Mormon.

We performed our annual Christmas Eve program in Sacrament meeting at the branch on Sunday and fed the missionaries last night. They were here all afternoon e-mailing to set up their calls home tomorrow. Tonight we are feeding them again and then taking them to mass at the Cathedral in the middle of the town on Christmas Eve.   Alan is hosting us for lunch tomorrow and then the elders will come back here so they can use our Vonage to call home. Things have certainly picked up since we were transferred to Grahamstown.   Merry Christmas!

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