Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Conference Broadcast - April 15th

Subject: Sunday
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 09:01:00 -0600
Today, Sunday we saw two recorded sessions of General Conference. We saw a recording of priesthood session last night at 6 pm and 2 sessions last weekend.  So we have seen 5 sessions total - 4 recorded and one live.  Most inspirational and uplifting.  I especially enjoyed today Elder Holland's speech on the parable of the laborers -those who worked the full day and those who worked the last hour and all enjoyed the same blessing of pay.  The speech was outstanding.

We will have been in Port Elizabeth exactly 4 weeks tomorrow, Monday.  In that period of time I have seen 3 white boys on the side of streets.  The rest have been Black and once in a while an isolated Brown. The people here are friendly and helpful.  They will go the extra mile to help with road instructions so you can find your destination. We are gradually tuning into the local accents though comprehending on the telephone is a different story. The neighbors in the compound are becoming aware of me as I walk around the circle for exercise in the mornings.  When I first started they drove by me headed to the main gate and work. Now they wave. We are enjoying being here.  With time on hand we are considering taking up golf.  Sister S. could improve her swing and so could I.  She has only golfed once in her life and I about 5 times.  We will check out the local golf course and see what's what.  It has been a pleasant Sunday and other than Sister S. having a cold we are enjoying the sunshine.

Elder S.  

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