Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Post Net - April 5th

Subject: The Post Net, Part 2 -- the epilogue
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 09:24:59 -0600
Talking with Johannesburg Headquarters on the phone this morning I was reminded to get my gas expense receipts in as soon as possible, preferably today.  They were already late 5 days as I couldn't run them off out of excel being rather inept in the usage of this program.  However, somehow in my fumbling early this morning, I pressed the right keys and the computer spewed out 2 copies and I was able to complete the forms listing the expenses for March.  Johannesburg informed me to send them by registered mail or overnight mail right away as it could take 3 weeks to arrive from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg- a 13 hour drive.  

So off I went to the Post Net.  "I would like to post a registered letter to Johannesburg, I said.  "That will cost 80 Rand." the clerk replied.  "And when will it arrive in Johannesburg?" I asked.  "Sometime during the latter part of next week." he said. (Today is Thursday, by the way) "And what if I sent it overnight express?"  "That will cost 150 rand," He said.  "And when will it arrive in Johannesburg?" I asked.  "Sometime during the latter part of next week, " he replied.  "So, correct me if I'm wrong.  Overnight express mail will arrive sometime in the latter part of next week?"  "Yes, that's right."  "But it's overnight express." I said. "Shouldn't it arrive tomorrow?"  "No, it will arrive in 2 weeks." "But you just said it will arrive the latter part of next week."  "Tomorrow is a public holiday," he said. "It will take 2 weeks."  "What say I send it registered mail?" I said.  "It will still take 2 weeks."  "So there is really no difference between registered mail and overnight express mail?"  "Eighty Rand,"  he said.  "So, in your opinion, what's my best option?"  "Don't send mail the day before a public holiday."

Well, it has been a nice day at our zone conference and we did have a good Chinese luncheon for 24 missionaries.  That's one good thing that can take place before a public holiday - and it won't take 2 weeks to get home. 

Elder S   


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