Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do You Train "Planning for Success" Teachers?


Thanks for your assistance and arranging the Fireside session.  We appreciate the attendance.  The interest and support was good.  Regarding your questions:

(1)  To date, we have had no need to train Planning for Success teachers as the teachers called by bishops and branch presidents have been qualified teachers.  I must say their choices have been most inspired.  Some have Bachelor degrees, others several years of university attendance, one is a corporate executive, another a civil engineer, a third an industrial supervisor and former pastor, the branch president teaching a class is a retired teacher with a Master's degree, and the sole woman is a college teacher of science and math.  Sitting in classes taught by these teachers has been a delight.  The teaching without question has truly been excellent.  Their text has been the Planning for Success teacher's guide and the student workbook.  Consequently, there has been no need for us to teach teachers how to teach.

Whomever president Atkinson calls to teach the Plannning for Success workshop will be a capable and educated person fully competent, otherwise he wouldn't call this person to teach the workshop in the first place.  Hence, we are not planning on coming to Knysna to teach such a teacher how to teach. This teacher would follow the teacher's guide and student workbook.

(2)  Concerning the sister interested in hospitality:  Unfortunately, it will not be endorsed by the PEF Committee. As for the other sister, depending on employment desired and the extent of the program, will determine the Committee's decision.

(3)  Yes, after the Planning for Success workshop is completed then the PEF loan application is initiated.  Attendance at all four sessions is required plus the research and homework.

Thanks again for your help.

Elder and Sister Stokoe   

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