Sunday, July 15, 2012

14 in Cleary Branch registers for PEF Workshop

Today Joshua Mosia, 1st counselor and a former pastor, registered 14 youth for the Planning for Success Class at Cleary Estates Branch.  They will begin on Saturday, July 21st, at 10:00 a.m.  Although most of these kids are still in high school and not eligible for PEF loans, we are pleased to have so many taking the class.  The most students we have had register for a Planning for Success class to date, has been in Kwamagxaki Ward. Seven attended the first class, only four completed and just one has applied for a PEF loan.  Sister Mendu, a college teacher in Uitenhage branch, began the workshop with just one student, Katherine Castelyn, who hoped to become a ballet teacher.  But she withdrew when she discovered her program would cost 40,000 rand rather than 4,000 rand.

Knysna Branch is 146 miles from Port Elizabeth. Catherine is the Young Women's president and Branch Employment Specialist there.  She sponsored our fireside last Sunday.  We were pleased to encourage the youth of Knysna branch to be thinking about their future.  But we only found one girl  eligible for a loan. 

We attended two Planning for Success classes in Grahamstown where President Nye teaches these classes.  Grahamstown is 72 miles from Port Elizabeth.  The branch meets in a converted mansion. Baptisms are done in the swimming pool. Now that school is back in session we can schedule a fireside and set up a workshop for Port Elizabeth Ward--the last unit we need to cover in P.E. Stake.  We will then spend two or three weeks in East London, a distance of about 150 miles, where there are 14 wards and/or branches that need PEF firesides and related services.  Port Alfred is also in our assigned area.  However in talking to branch president Stumm, we have discovered there are only a few youth in his branch and none eligible for PEF.

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