Monday, December 23, 2013

Deng Gatluak

Deng graduates from Nelson Mendela University next month and expects
to return to his home in Juba, capitol of South Sedan, where he will work as a civil engineer.
Hey Stokoe's thanks so much for writing to us. I appreciate it. You've been going to many places already! That must be exciting to confirm and learn more from Bible history.
Thanks for your concern over South Sudan. Am also worried. They say things are getting better but it might escalate and the damage has been done already. I hope it never happens again and that there maybe peace but as you said God watches over His children.
Keep well and Merry Christmas to you too. We'll update the handout for that lesson as well.

Kind Regards

Diane Stokoe e-mailed her Institute students on December 22nd:


I've been thinking about all of you.  Especially when we were on the Isle of Patmos listening to Dr. Michael Wilcox explain John's revelation.  He cautioned us not to take it literally.  It's poetic and figurative, a method of expression which was used at that time.  We visited the cave where John lived and dictated his vision to a scribe.  The horsemen (famine, death, violence and wickedness) have ridden throughout human history and should not be assigned to one particular seal or time.  The rider on the white horse with the bow (Revelations 6:2) is not Jesus Christ.  He would not ride in company with those horsemen.  Please update the handout on Chapters 55 & 56 which we covered in the make up lesson on October 2nd.  We also enjoyed visiting four of Paul's seven cities in Asia Minor--including Ephesus, Sneyrna, Sardis and Phildelphia. 

I am so proud of all of you for graduating  and I especially appreciated the guidance and direction of Brother and Sister Sherbert.   We wish you all the best in 2014.  I've been watching the news and am very concerned about Deng and what is happening in South Sedan.  However we know that Christ is in charge and is mindful of his children and of all nations.  We have many wonderful memories of the time we spent together and wish you all the best in the new year.  Sincerely,  the Stokoes


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