Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Member Support

    Thanks Joyce for your many suggestions.  We do talk to all the bishoprics and most are very supportive.  The bishop in Cleary Branch, mostly browns (people with an Indian heritage,) got the PEF fireside set up fast.  Fourteen youth committed to taking the planning for success class in that ward.  Joshus Mosiah, who reminds one of a highly motivated protestant preacher, taught the class and he was very entertaining.  Only six  students showed up for the first class.  Eleven came to the second including Mosiah’s wife and the branch welfare specialist.  Seven youth attended the third class but only five the final class.  One was only fourteen years old.  (We encourage the youth who have not yet graduated high school to attend so they will know about PEF.)  Several of the young women who attended were in their senior year.  Few qualified for PEF.  We often get  support but no applicants.  Maybe just planting seeds is important.  Elder S. called all six of our PEF students today who are in the process of applying.  They were happy to hear from him but have not taken any action.  So we are focusing on member support. 

   We went to Family Home Evening with the  missionaries last night and visited Celeste, the Afrikaners nurse who helped with Everett's layettes for newborns project.  She has a nine year old daughter and three year old son with down syndrome.   Celeste is in the process of a divorce.  She asked the elders to stop by and make FHE fun for her kids.  Tonight we have invited the state patriarch and his wife over for dinner.  Brother Palmer just had a knee replacement.  When I asked how he was doing  Frieda said, “not good. He still has lots of swelling and it’s rained so much we are both rather depressed.” 

   Wednesday night we are visiting the Clarkes, who were inactive for 26 years.  I finally got up enough courage to asked why they stopped coming to church.  Brother  Clarke said he just did not know.  Just got out of the habit.  After that visit Elder Van Sickle called and ask that we stop over and give Sister Celeste a priesthood blessing.  She was sealed in the temple and is very discouraged over her upcoming divorce.

  Friday night we are taking our Eiki projector out to Cleary Branch for “Friday night at the Movies.”  This activity is held on the first Friday of each month and everyone attends in this coloured ward-- from the bishop to parents, to the youth to people who are investigating the church.  The young elders show church movies.  I’ve been invited to a bridal shower for Trish Van Tiel in Lorraine Ward this week as well. 

    Each Saturday morning I visit Janette Lake who was called to be president of the Relief Society a few months after she was baptized.  Sunday there was a confirmation in Lorraine Ward bringing the membership up to 158,  The divorced, 30-something-year old partner of Brother Wademan is an Afrikkaner was just baptized.  He could not be confirmed because of General Conference and then church was canceled the following week due to rain and heavy flooding.  He was confirmed, ordained to be a priest and set apart as president of the Sunday School .   All in the same meeting yesterday.

 Tomorrow we are going to the frail care center next door to plant beans and weed the vegetable garden that the elders put in three weeks ago when it started raining.  Hope the seed were not washed away again. Congratulations on your book being published.  I'll order my copy of Please Don't Pull the Plug when I get back.  Thanks for the update of Lucus.  What a trouper.   Love to Kristi.   Best Wishes, Sister S.

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