Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update from Mattt

hello mum,

I got the pics you sent.  I usually have time to open 4 or 5 (even in the land of the speedy 4g Internet it still takes time to open each picture) I can image how long it takes to upload them in S.A.  I remember back 10 years ago I would have to send multiple emails, because I could only include 4 or 5 picture attachments before to server would dump the whole email because there were too many pics using up too much memory....

any way, sounds like things in rural Africa are going quite well.  It sounds like you visit some places that are a bit primitive.  Tom should be right at home, because of his Samoan upbringing he should be used to such conditions.

Things here in The U.S. have not changed much.  Myself and Cynthia are in California, and should return back to SLC in mid October.  The Geese are still here and the water is still wet...

I got news from Dan that we were awarded the African mining project in Mauritania.  apparently no Chinese firms were given the opportunity to bid.  We we only be be supplying the equipment.  The Africans will be supplying the labor.  Either Jim or Dan will have to go supervise the project for about 5 weeks.  I understand that the accommodations are pretty much a shipping container with electricity and air conditioning....

hope things continue to go well for you kids there,

yours sincerely,


     While trying to get these pics off, Tom succeeded in sending them to Dean's old account.  We don't know why.  Obviously we are still having e-mail problems with photos.  At least our Internet 3 G drive is working so Tom will get up tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to listen to the BYU Game.  Yesterday Gary Human mentioned that the previous couple only covered Sada and Ilinge. He's been doing the other nine wards by himself.  No wonder he was so glad we came.  Tom and I have learned a lot about PEF by making the rounds with him.  Gary understands the culture here as he's a paid member and has been teaching institute classes for many years.  

    Gary is writing his doctor's thesis on asymmetrical war fare.  Symmetrical warfare (balanced) is like World War 1 and 2 where there is rules and everyone knows who the players are.  Asymmetircal (unbalanced) is like terrorism where there is a huge difference in technology, resources and the enemy can be anyone. I have just finished reading Benazir Bhutto's book "Reconciliation, Islam, Democracy and the West."   She finished writing it just before she was assassinated.  Buhuto returned to Pakistan and survived one suicide attack and then was killed in another on on December. 27, 2007, just before the election in which she likely would have become prime minister of Pakistan for the second time.  I gave the book  to Gary to read. Yesterday was a good day.  Just two more PEF Firesides before we can return  to P.E.  I miss Janette and the Taylors in P.E.  Love,  Mom

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